Can Stress Cause Diabetes? | क्या टेंशन से शुगर की बीमारी होती है? | क्या डायबिटीज के कारण घबराहट होती है? | क्या मधुमेह हमेशा के लिए ठीक हो सकता है?

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Dr. Rishi Mangat
General Physicians

Can Stress Cause Diabetes? | What causes stress or depression in diabetes patients? | Does stress increase sugar levels? | मधुमेह को कैसे नियंत्रित किया जाये? | शुगर बढ़ने पर क्या महसूस होता है?

Can stress cause diabetes, Unable to manage diabetes can be very  stressful. In this video, Dr. Rishi Mangat talks about common symptoms of stress or depression in diabetes patients . Often diabetic patients whether old or newly diagnosed suffer from the initial phase of anxiety, fear, nervousness, and lack of control. And all these feelings push stress. 

What happens during stress ?

There is an overflow of stress hormones like cortisol or adrenaline in the body during stress. These chemicals usually are present as fright and fight in everybody irrespective of diabetes. However, due to reduction in insulin activity in  diabetic patients, it leads to rise in blood sugars. That’s why doctors take stress for diabetic patients, and ask them not to take it. Because whenever the body is under pressure, there will be a rise in the body’s sugar levels.

Other common reasons for depression during diabetes 

Stress can occur for any reason like work-related or  meeting with a boss. Attending marriage for introverts can also cause stress. Stress about health or children. Every individual has a different threshold to whom they give more importance. 

How do we know we have stress? | Can Stress Cause Diabetes? 

One may have increased heart rate, palpitations, and respiratory rate, and some may even have diarrhoea. So these are all symptoms that convey that we are stressed about something in our lives. 

 How does relaxation exercise help in combating stress?

Relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, and various modalities help in relieving stress. In addition, keeping a healthy health pattern and scheduling your eating habits will automatically reduce your stress level. Exercise is an essential measure to relieve stress. It increases the release of positive hormones, which reduce the level of stress. In addition,  there will be an increase in the level of dopamine in the blood.

How important is it to share the stress ?

Sharing stress with family friends or any one close automatically reduces. So all these little steps help you to relieve stress. However, if they are taking stress for a more extended period, especially those who are highly sensitive, it may lead to depression.

What are the signs and symptoms of depression?

They like to stay alone. Neither they don’t talk to anyone nor feel their worth. In addition, they may have insomnia. One might disconnect from the outside world. So these are some symptoms of depression.

When to seek doctor’s advice? | Can Stress Cause Diabetes? 

 Under these situations consultation from a Psychiatrist for counselling is a must.  Medicines are also very safe. These medicines are not addictive. People think they would be considered as mentally unstable hence they are nervous to talk about it. But, one must seek a doctor’s advice.

How relaxation and counselling help in diabetes ?

Relaxation and counselling also yield beautiful responses. And the best thing about diabetes is that they will respond much better to treatment if they can control stress and depression. What is stress eating?

Usually, it becomes a vicious cycle like they take stress. They don’t care much about their food, and don’t exercise. Hence stress eating. This leads to disturbance in sugar levels which ultimately leads to an increase in stress. And the patient keeps revolving in this vicious circle. 

What other activities help in relieving stress?

Diabeteic patients are advised to do  exercise and meditation. Do anything that makes you happier, it could be painting or dancing. It can be any activity; take it as therapy for one hour a day, do what you wish, walk on the road, or drive. There is no condition that you need to do anything in particular. 

Bottom line | Can Stress Cause Diabetes? 

Doctors advise you to let go of your stress as stress will only give negative results. For positive action, diabetic patients need to take decisive action to control their diabetes and overall health.

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