5 Common reasons of Itchy ears

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Dr. Sushmita Gupta
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology

Itchy Ears: Causes and Treatment

In this video, Dr. Sushmita Gupta, Consultant ENT at Apollo Clinic discusses itchy ears causes, and their treatment. 

Common reason of itchy ears

There can be various reasons for an itchy ear. The first reason is dry skin. If there is inadequate wax production in the ear, it might lead to dryness and itchiness in the ears. Wax help in ear lubrication and also plays a role in protective functions. If its production is less, it will dry the ear. In addition, one has white flakes in the ear canal. 

Ear infection

The second reason is ear canal dermatitis. If there is an inflammation or swelling in the inner lining of the ear, then  ear canal dermatitis develops. Allergic reactions can also lead to swelling in the ears. Metal allergy from metal-based earrings and cream or lotion can also cause allergic response to the skin. Another type of dermatitis is oral eczematous dermatitis. 

Other reasons

Swimmer’s ear or outer infection or otitis externa can also cause inflammation in the skin or itchiness. Infection develops in the inner lining of the ear skin. There can be discharge and itchiness. 

Hearing aids 

Usage of hearing aids and earphones  can also lead to itching. These devices can trap moisture inside the ear. And even the earphone material can cause allergy inflammation, pain, swelling, and itching. 

Skin condition

Psoriasis, a skin condition in which rashes develop on the skin, and skin may turn red, formation of flakes, and cause itching. Any bacterial or fungal infection in the ear can lead to swelling and pain or fever in the ear. In addition, there can be discharge and itchiness.

Treatment for itchy ear

Doctors target the underlying cause to reduce itchy ears. If there are allergic changes, then the doctor may prescribe antihistamines. For excessive wax,  its clearing can give relief. Lubrication or moisturization may alleviate the dryness in the ear’s skin. For infection, use antibiotic ear drops, but one should always seek advice from a doctor before putting any drops in the ear. Always take treatment on advice. One may take steroid-based creams for skin conditions like psoriasis and infection.

How do you prevent it?

Avoid over-cleaning your ears with earbuds. If there is an allergic reaction toward metal, then avoid that metal-based earring. Dry your ears after a bath or swimming.

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