Yoga in Pregnancy | Yoga in Pregnancy for Trimester | Yoga for Pregnant Lady for Normal Delivery | Yoga in Pregnancy First Trimester | Why is Yoga Important During Pregnancy? | गर्भावस्था के दौरान योग कितना अच्छा है? | क्या योग नार्मल डिलीवरी में मदद करता है?

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Dr. Heena Chawla
Apollo Clinic Chandigarh Gynecology

Yoga in Pregnancy | Yoga during Pregnancy for Trimester | Yoga for Pregnant Lady for Normal Delivery | Yoga during Pregnancy First Trimester | Why is Yoga Important During Pregnancy? | गर्भावस्था के दौरान योग कितना अच्छा है? | क्या योग नार्मल डिलीवरी में मदद करता है?

Yoga in Pregnancy, In this video,  Dr. Heena Chawla, Consultant Gynaecologist at Apollo Clinics and CHD City Hospital Chandigarh discusses the benefits of yoga during pregnancy. 

These are a few questions that patients ask  whether they are in a nuclear family or joint family. Especially for those who reside in joint families, elders advise them to rest more and avoid excessive moments. But scientifically speaking, exercise and Yoga plays a vital role in pregnancy.

What are its benefits? 

First of all, doing any form of physical activity or Yoga uplifts your mood during pregnancy. It helps in reducing stress during pregnancy. As the body undergoes different types of stress during pregnancy, the mother’s health, baby’s health, and advice coming from every direction raise questions and anxiety. So Yoga and exercise will reduce this stress and anxiety to a much greater level. Yoga also helps reduce tiredness, weakness, and fatigue during pregnancy. It helps relieve lower back pain. It helps in improving the sitting posture to a much greater extent. In addition, it reduces leg swelling. And another thing often faced during pregnancy is constipation due to hormonal imbalance. Yoga helps in reducing the problem of constipation and Haemorrhoids that occur due to hormonal changes. Even regular Yoga helps in reducing nausea and vomiting.

Are pelvic floor muscles safe during pregnancy?

The issue of urinary incontinence, i.e., leakage of urine, is very common during pregnancy. Still, regular exercise, typically targeting pelvic floor muscles, reduces this problem to a much greater extent. In addition, in Yoga, during pregnancy, our muscles and ligaments get loose due to hormonal changes. As a result, their endurance and strength are compromised during pregnancy, but doing Yoga helps them bring them back. 

Does yoga help grow a foetus ?

Also, one significant benefit is blood circulation in mother and baby, which we call foetal-paternal circulation. Yoga improves this foetal placental circulation to a much greater extent. Also, the most significant advantage for any female is that it helps develop self-confidence and a positive attitude towards pregnancy.


Does yoga improve Sleep ?

Another significant complaint that often patients make is that they are sleep deprived during pregnancy. They develop a lot of sleep-related issues.  But Yoga helps restore the sleep pattern, and they may have a sound sleep at night. 

What is the recommended time for Yoga during pregnancy ?

Ideally, doctors recommend 30 minutes a day. However, if the females work or live in nuclear families can do less, that is also important. It increases the chances of normal delivery to a much greater extent. Also, in a few cases, doctors don’t recommend exercise, Yoga, or any form of physical stress during pregnancy to some patients. One must avoid physical stress if they have bleeding during pregnancy or a stitch in the cervix, which doctors mostly do for incompetent cervix. If the female has multiple pregnancies like twins or low-lie placenta which means the placenta is lying close to the mouth of the foetus or bursting water bags burst or if there is any other infection. So under these circumstances, doctors tell them to avoid Yoga, but yes, one needs to consult your gynaecologist and physiotherapist to start any form of exercise.

The baby also gains an essential advantage from Yoga. In mothers who are doing proper exercise or Yoga during pregnancy, the baby’s brain development is excellent compared to mothers who are not exercising or doing Yoga. However, one needs to take care of a few things like when we are doing some kind of exercise or Yoga, one shouldn’t go breathless during pregnancy. And one need to maintain good hydration one hour before, and must take our meals properly. And  must consult our yoga instructor or gynaecologist for exercise during pregnancy. 

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