Knee Crepitus Treatment & Causes | घुटने की क्रेपिटस का उपचार और कारण

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Knee Crepitus Treatment | घुटने से आवाज आना का सफल इलाज

In this video, Dr. MS Narula, discusses common causes of knee crepitus treatment

What is knee crepitus or knee popping sound ?

It is a popping, clicking, or cracking sound from the knees. It can be a grating sensation. But, mostly, it’s a harmless condition. Mostly it is arthritis

What are the probable causes of knee crepitus?

One of the prevalent reasons for sound in the knees or the soft tissue is because of air bubbles. There is entrapment of air bubbles inside the joint fluid, and when they pop, they make a sound coming from the knees. Another principal reason for this sound is the rubbing of rough cartilage. Bone-to-bone rubbing may also cause this. In addition, if the tendon and cartilage are snapping through the bone, this sound may also pop. 

How to diagnose?

Most of these reasons are unharmful unless and until they give away with time. But if they are paining or causing swelling, then it might be arthritis. It is a normal condition of wear and tear of cartilage lining, or the cartilage gets rough from various places. Consequently. bone to bone touches, causing popping sounds and pain. It may indicate the initiation of arthritis. Another condition is when the piece of cartilage loses out and moves in the fluid. It may cause pain, make sound and even lock the knee joint.  

Treatment of knee crepitus | Knee Crepitus Treatment

Often people panic when hearing noise from their knees, especially in the morning. Popping sound from knee  harmless condition. Suppose you feel a strange noise from your knees after a specific exercise. In addition, if you have pain and inflammation, one can always do RICE treatment—Rest, Icing, compression, and elevation. And one may need mild anti-inflammatory. But if the knee is  painful and swelling, you must see a doctor. Most probably the doctor will examine the knee by X-ray.

How X-Ray helps in diagnosing knee crepitus?

In X-Ray, doctors will look for conditions like eroded cartilage or the space from bone to the joint is receding. In addition, few cartilaginous supplements help in uplifting the arthritis pain. In addition, injections to the knee to treat arthritis. If there is a loose body condition, then we need to diagnose the condition by MRI. If it causes pain, especially locking the knee, then we remove this loose body outside. Also,doctors treat infection or inflammation with antibiotics or anti-inflammatories. So one must seek a doctor’s advice if it’s paining, swelling and pain, discomfort, and locking the knee

Exercise for knee popping

Mild knee crepitus is harmless, and one may take anti-inflammatories, icing, and gentle exercise to heal the pain. Often people are asked which type of knee exercise may help in this condition. As such, there is no exercise, especially for knee crepitus. But yes, it signals the onset of arthritis. Sometimes it may occur as the first symptom of arthritis. Then gentle knee stretching exercises may help in this condition. Collagen and vitamin D  supplement is also essential for the knee. Avoid cross legs sitting on the floor, over-exercise, and scooting. Chronic overuse injury may also cause this condition. So I would advise you to cut down on the exercise and give rest to the knee. 

Knee crepitus and Children | Knee Crepitus Treatment

In a few cases, popping noise comes from the children’s joints. This entity of joints is snapping joints. Under these circumstances, doctors advise parents not to panic. Often parents complain in panic mode that their children’s joints are making noise. It’s harmless. However, some develop the habit of crunching their knuckles but avoid this habit. Knee crepitus is a benign condition. However, one must reduce their weight and keep exercising. In addition, one must include vitamin D in their diet. Beyond that, it is harmless. Keep exercising regularly and have nutritious food. Thank you.

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