C Section Delivery | Cesarean Delivery(सीज़ेरियन सेक्शन डिलिवरी का कारण)

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Dr. Heena Chawla

What are the common reasons for C-section delivery?

C Section Delivery, In this video, Dr. Heena Chawla discusses reasons for cesarean delivery). She has raised all the curtains from the myth about C Section Delivery. People are always in a dilemma about C-section delivery and blame the doctor. But there are certain indications or reasons for C-section delivery. One of the medical conditions that doctors often face in females is structural deformity or presence of short bone.

What is a short bone in females?

 Presence of short bone called cephalopelvic disproportion, or when the doctors don’t see the baby’s head or crowning. It serves as one of the common reasons for.

What is the baby’s indication of a reason for C Section Delivery ?

Sometimes the baby is in a breech position, like the baby’s head is upwards. And sometimes ultrasound finding reports the baby is in stress. Under these conditions, doctors don’t opt for normal delivery.

How does placenta position affect delivery?

Few females develop medical conditions like low-line placenta. In a few cases, the placenta almost completely covers the mouth of the uterus or cervix. So doctors don’t take chances of normal vaginal birth as it may pose a risk to mother and baby.

Other reasons for C Section Delivery.

In a few cases, doctors take chances for normal delivery. For example, under conditions of non-progress labor where the cervix is not open sufficiently, doctors opt. 

What if the baby passes meconium in fluid?

In case the baby has passed meconium or has a problem with the baby’s heartbeat. Also, it makes the baby difficult to breathe. Due to the meconium, there is less oxygen in the fluid.

So these conditions also compel doctors to opt for Cesarean Delivery).

How do multiple pregnancies become a reason for C Section Delivery ?

Multiple pregnancies like twins or triplets, are also indications for caesarean or C-section. What is induced labor?

Doctors’ plan induced labor when the female is overdue or there is a fluid leakage due to circumstances. Even with any kind of bleeding, doctors induce labor pain in the patient. But this is an artificial method, and the female’s body doesn’t respond to these artificial medicines. Hence there is not enough dilatation in the uterus to support vaginal birth. So under these circumstances, doctors opt for cesarean delivery) to save the baby’s life.

How does the medical condition in women become the reason for C Section Delivery ?

Sometimes a mother’s underlying medical condition like heart disease or diabetes, also indicates cesarean delivery). Even a condition of bp might lead to C-section.

Must one be scared of Cesarean Delivery?

C-section deliveries are very safe. Doctors do these by keeping in mind the safety of both mother and the baby. 

What is the recovery time for Cesarean Delivery?

It takes almost six weeks for the internal stitches to heal. Skin stitches may heal after 7-10, and sometimes doctors remove them within a week. And if the stitches are dissolvable, they heal, but the internal stitches require at least six weeks to heal.

Bottom Line 

 So during this period, females need to take utmost care of themselves. Take bed rest. Take medicines correctly, as six weeks is crucial for healing internal stitches.

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