Foods to avoid with enlarged prostate

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Foods to avoid with Enlarged prostate

In this video, Dr. Vijay Pal Singh, Consultant Urologist at Apollo Clinic, Chandigarh, talks about foods to avoid with an enlarged prostate.

What are the foods to avoid with an enlarged prostate ?

A healthy prostate is devoid of any prostatic diseases. A few examples of prostate diseases are prostate enlargement or BPH, inflammation, chronic prostatitis, and prostate cancer. Too much protein, especially red meat like beef, pork, and lamb, is consumed less for a healthy prostate. The second thing one should do is to consume fats, especially trans fat, that are abundant in street food. The third thing is one should limit their salt intake in the diet.

Do too many sweet drinks affect the prostate?

One should avoid consuming sweet drinks supplemented with artificial sweeteners like cold drinks, energy drinks, or packed juices. They all are a bit high in sugar content.

Which foods are healthy for an enlarged prostate?

Green leafy vegetables and fruits enriched with antioxidants improve prostate health. Therefore, one must have them in abundance. Second, instead of white bread, we must use whole grain or brown bread; they are high in fiber and further improve enlarged prostate health.

Instead of a commercial kitchen oil, one should opt for healthy fats like olive oils, avocado, and almonds. 

What common lifestyle modifications improve enlarged prostate health?

Smoking, obesity, stressful life, and sedentary lifestyles harm prostate health. One should adopt a habit of physical and active life. Irrespective of work and stress, men should take 15-20 minutes from their schedule and dedicate it to any form of physical activity. Light yoga, brisk walking, and aerobics promote a healthy prostate. A sedentary lifestyle makes space for other diseases too. In addition, smoking may affect other body organs too.

Risk factors of prostate cancer 

Prostate cancer develops after the age of 50. In addition, Africans and Americans ethnicity are more prone to developing prostate. Specific mutations like BRCA1 and BRCA2 may cause an unhealthy prostate. Obesity and metabolic syndrome are other common risk factors affecting prostate health. Patients with underlying conditions of diabetes or hypertension may acquire prostate problems in the later stages. In addition, there are certain chronic inflammatories and STDs linked to prostate cancer. 

Bottom line 

One can improve their body’s health, including the prostate, by doing a few lifestyle modifications. Keeping tabs on BMI to avoid obesity and quit smoking. Improving eating habits, eating more fruits, green leafy vegetables, and avoiding unhealthy oil and too much of a protein diet may increase the lifespan and improve the quality of life. One must avoid smoking and keep tabs on BMI. Young people may adopt pelvic floor exercises and kegel exercises to improve lower urinary tract symptoms

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