Scabies : Causes & Treatment

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Dr. Jayanti Singh

What are scabies?

In this video, Dr. Jayanti Singh, Consultant Dermatologist at Apollo Sector 8 Chandigarh, talks about scabies. It is an infection, and mites cause this. These mites are tiny in size and usually stay over skin and clothes. Scientific term for scabies is Sarcoptes scabiei.

What are the common symptoms? 

One may have itching, rash, and infection, and even in a few cases, one may develop a crust on their skin. Itching is the most constant symptom of scabies. And it is more at night. As a result, most patients feel insomnia. One may develop a rash near interdigital areas, around the umbilical cord, in and around thighs, and genital areas. Sometimes the rash can come with itchiness. Due to constant itching, infection or crust over the rash is self-evident. Since it is a contagious disease, it may affect other family members also. It spreads through clothes, bedding, towels, etc.

Where do scabies mites sit in our bodies? 

Mites can be present in the superficial layer of the skin. Scabies mites find their niches in clothes, inner lining, bedding, towels, etc.  

Treatment of scabies 

The most crucial thing in scabies is that we should separate commonly used stuff like clothes, bedding, and towels. Wash your clothes daily in boiling water. In addition, certain oral medicines, like permethrin-containing creams, malathion, and GBHC creams, are available to relieve itching. Also, one can have tablets in combination with creams. Scabies might take 6-8 weeks for complete healing. The treatment of scabies is essential as it is contagious, and one may acquire added infection. Not just a few, millions of mites can rest over your body and may develop Norwegian scabies or crust over the skin. Then they become challenging to treat. To conclude, if you have an itchy rash, especially at night, you must consult a dermatologist or our team.

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