Thyroid problems in women | What is hyperthyroidism? By Dr. Gaurav Palikhe

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Dr. Gaurav Palikhe

Thyroid problems in women | What is hyperthyroidism?

In this video, SimpliHealth expert Dr. Gaurav Palikhe,  Consultant Endocrinologist at Apollo Clinic, Chandigarh is talking about hyperthyroidism and other thyroid problems in women. 

Are you worried about sudden weight loss or gain? 

Unfortunately, you can’t explain the reason behind the sudden weight loss or weight gain. Sudden fluctuation in weight might be due to thyroid problems.

Today the Dr. Gaurav will be talking about this common problem you all are facing. Weight loss or gain can occur suddenly or because of some significant underlying symptoms of thyroid-related issues. 

Thyroid and Weight

The thyroid is a gland present in the neck, and its primary function is to control the body’s metabolism. This gland’s other functions include maintaining other body activities, heart rate and control weight of the body. If its function is imbalanced, it leads to a sudden increase or loss of weight. 

What is Hypothyroidism? 

So if there is a condition of hyperthyroidism in which the thyroid gland over-functions, it results in an increase in metabolism, more commonly known as basal metabolic rate. So hypothyroidism may lead to sudden weight loss. However, we can’t confirm the rate at which there will be weight loss. But it usually varies between 5-10%, but in exceptional cases, this value can be more.

What is Hypothyroidism? 

Similarly, we have another condition of the thyroid gland: hypothyroidism, in which there is a decrease in the function of the thyroid gland. This condition results in weight gain. Average weight gain is about 5-10 %, but it majorly varies on disease severity. If it is mild, then there is not much gain in weight; however, it may cause slight swelling on the face. 

Thyroid problems in women

Thyroid-related problems usually commence with the symptoms like swelling, weight gain, lethargy, feeling sleepy all the time, and one may feel tired while working. But to diagnose this condition, a blood test is done. 

After treating this condition, the body may come back to its original form, i.e., weight gain is lost and vice versa. Like in hyperthyroidism, weight loss is gained back. Similarly, in hypothyroidism, the weight gain is lost after treatment.

But it is not like the entire weight gain is lost, but yes, there is a decrease in weight. So today, I discussed thyroid-related problems: the possible reason for sudden weight gain or loss in the body. 

You can contact your doctor and gain more insight into this topic. 

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