Urinary Tract Infection Treatment and Prevention

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Urinary Tract Infection Treatment and Prevention  

In this video, SimpliHealth expert Dr. Vijaypal Singh is talking about Urinary Tract Infection Treatment and prevention.


We plan the treatment of patients based on the type of UTI, complicated or uncomplicated. We can easily manage uncomplicated UTIs with 3-5 days of antibiotics. 

Most of the time, we give oral antibiotics to them. In addition, we ask them to follow good hydration and maintain local hygiene practices. If it’s a complicated UTI, we find the underlying cause and address it after antibiotics. 


  • How can we prevent Urinary Tract Infection? 
  • Does the patient become more susceptible to Urinary Tract Infection during summers? 

Yes, since during summers, our urine output is less because there is an increase in our insensible losses like sweating and perspiration. As a result, the kidney comparatively filters less urine. 


So we must hydrate our body frequently, especially in the summer, with a glass of water, a cooler, or a drink every 2-3 hours. You can take lemon water, but the purpose is to hydrate the body every 3-4 hours so that the body’s urine output is adequate. 

Do Not Hold In Your Pee 

Also, it does not allow the urine to store in the bladder; voiding is also very important. We must avoid it after every 3-4 hours so that urine doesn’t stay in the bladder for a more extended period if we hold the urine for a longer duration. It further increases the risk of UTIs.

This was all about urinary tract infection. Thank you for watching this video. Please visit Apollo Clinic Chandigarh in case of further inquiries or any other information. I am available at Apollo Clinic from 9-11 every Tuesday and Friday. Stay Healthy, Stay Happy.


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