Neck Pain Treatment | Cervical Spondylosis Treatment | गर्दन दर्द का उपचार? | How to cure neck pain fast?

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Neck Pain Treatment | Cervical Spondylosis Treatment By Dr. MS Narula | How to cure neck pain fast?

In this video, SimpliHealth expert,  Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Spine, and Joint Replacement Surgeon at Apollo Clinic and CHD city hospital Chandigarh, Dr. MS Narula is talking about neck pain  and neck pain treatment.

Since we have more office jobs and desk jobs, we tilt our heads often to use mobile phones, and we use laptops more, so neck pain has become a very common problem. It is more commonly seen in the younger population, as old as 10-12 years to 50-60 years. 

Neck Pain Causes | Cervical Spondylosis Treatment

In Children 

There are many reasons associated with neck pain. In younger age groups or student life, it occurs because of bad posture. As we see kids bend to read their books in incorrect posture, and we are constantly using mobile phones, so mobile phones have become a common reason for neck pain. They keep their chins below while reading and even tilt their necks toward the telephone when holding it between the ear and the shoulder. So mainly in the younger population, the wrong posture causes neck pain. 

In young adults | Neck Pain Treatment

If we move to alight forwards, then in the office often people work on laptops, file work and bend their neck for a long duration, and after 30-35 years some changes start commencing in the body we see as cervical. But I would like to tell you one thing: cervical is not a disease; it is another name for the neck. So the cervical itself is not a diagnosis. Rather cervical spondylitis is a diagnosis where some age-related changes start commencing after 30-35 years. 

Like in some situations, we call knee joint problems arthritis, so when there is wear and tear of the spine joint, we call this spondylitis. So between 30-35 years, most of us have some changes like cervical spondylitis, and of course, after 50 years, there are degenerative changes inside the body. So these are some broad reasons for neck pain.


If you are having only neck pain, then there is nothing to worry much but most of the time, what happens is that it commences with the neck and starts spreading towards the arms. 

Next, if we don’t treat it timely, cervical pain starts spreading to the arms and hands, which may lead to dizziness, numbness, and weakness in the hands. 

So, like the spine, the first questions are: 

  • Whether the pain is confined to the neck or has passed to the arm? 
  • Are you feeling dizzy?

If the pain spreads to the arms and the patient complains of dizziness, we take this seriously. In X-Ray, we can only visualize the bony structure, and if the patient has numbness and weakness, we do MRI. 


We treat these conditions mainly by advising them on good sitting posture, sleeping posture, and exercise in the younger population. If the problem persists, pain is going towards the arms, or there is numbness and weakness in the hands, and if MRI shows the presence of a big disc. Like the back disc, there is a probability of a slipped disc. So in sporadic cases, we do surgery. 

Often we treat this condition with injection and physiotherapy. But most patients, especially those suffering from cervical spondylitis, do very well with proper sitting, sleeping posture, exercise, physiotherapy, and anti-inflammatory muscles relaxant. With these, we can heal this condition.

Doctors advice 

The doctor tells the  viewers some are sitting and sleeping postures to avoid neck pain. 

  • The first thing is to avoid looking low while working like I hold my mobile phone rather than watching while keeping it below; hold like this slightly straight and use it. Use it according to your eye level. Don’t bring your chin down; you can move your eyes below but not your chin. Not lifting the chin down is the most important thing to avoid neck pain. 
  • The second thing is that when you are lying down, many people don’t use the wrong pillow. You can use a slim pillow, but when you take a side, use a heavy pillow according to shoulder width and keep it below the shoulder to avoid neck hanging. 
  • Finally, avoid keeping your hand over your head while asleep. If you can do these three things and won’t keep your hand below if you have a heavy pillow around your shoulder, you need two or three pillows, a light for the head, and a heavy pillow. If you follow these tips, you can avoid neck pain to a much greater extent.

How is neck pain diagnosed? 

 For diagnosis, mostly when the patient complains about neck pain, we diagnose this condition by X-Ray most of the time. If it is cervical or cervical spondylitis, an X-Ray shows the required changes. And if the pain is spreading towards the arms and there is numbness and tingling in the hands, we advise MRI to determine the probability of nerve compression. If the patient is feeling dizzy, many patients say they feel dizzy when they do; I would like to add that dizziness can be another reason. 

So we need to rule them out, and if we suspect that it is occurring because of cervical pain, we do doppler, which is a type of ultrasound. It tells us about any vessel damage. So broadly, we do these three tests to diagnose cervical pain.

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