Adrenal Gland Disorder by Dr. Gaurav Palikhe

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Dr. Gaurav Palikhe

Adrenal Gland Disorder 

In this video, SimpliHealth expert Dr. Gaurav Palikhe is talking about adrenal gland disorder. 

Have you ever heard that even after consuming many medicines, we cannot control blood pressure? And later, the doctor suspects a problem with the adrenal gland. We can relate uncontrollable blood pressure with the issue of adrenal gland disorders. So let’s discuss some more about this topic. 

What is an adrenal gland? 

The adrenal gland is a small-sized gland situated over both kidneys. They weigh approximately 3-5 gms. They are a very important gland since it produces steroid hormones that control our body’s blood pressure and electrolytes. 

What causes adrenal gland disorder?

So diseases associated with the adrenal glands are related to an imbalance in the production of hormones. Scanty hormone secretion may rise to situations like low blood pressure and disturbance in electrolytes like sodium and potassium. If the adrenal gland works less or there is any deficiency, it could lead to such problems. 

What is Addison’s disease?

Usually, this condition is called Addison’s disease. Addison’s disease is one of the diseases associated with the adrenal gland. The second disease as mentioned earlier, a rise in blood pressure, may also be attributed to the adrenal gland. 

In this, one section of the adrenal gland is responsible for the production of hormones that controls blood pressure. 

What is Conn’s syndrome or Hyperaldosteronism?

If the adrenal gland produces a hormone in excess amounts, it suddenly raises blood pressure. So in a situation where we cannot control blood pressure even with many medicines, or we can manage it after giving many drugs, we suspect that the adrenal gland might be causing this problem. Then we think of getting tested for adrenal disorders. This condition is usually known as Conn’s syndrome or Hyperaldosteronism. 

This condition arises when there is a hyperfunction of the adrenal gland. Its diagnosis requires a particular test that further confirms whether there is a problem in the adrenal gland or not. 

Problems associated with adrenal gland

Apart from these, there can be other problems associated with adrenal glands like tumors or cancer, which usually get diagnosed when we do an ultrasound to check for other diseases like stomach pain or any other related problem. 

Diagnosis of adrenal gland disorders

So its diagnosis requires a specific test. To treat adrenal gland-associated diseases, if the hormone production is less, we can supplement the hormone outside and maintain its concentration inside the body. 

And if there is overproduction of hormones, their treatment will depend upon the type of disease like a tumor or anything else. Likewise, according to the kind of disease, we plan the treatment. 

So if you have a similar problem like there is a rise in blood pressure or it is difficult to control it or if blood pressure is increasing at a very young age like at the mere age of 30 you have a sudden rise of Blood pressure, or it is coming very low, you have symptoms of vomiting. There might be a suspected condition of the adrenal gland. 

So under these circumstances, you must visit your doctor for adrenal evaluation.

Thank you. Stay fit, stay healthy.

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