What Happens if You Rub Your Eyes Too Much | आंखों को ज्यादा रगड़ने से क्या होगा? | अगर मैं अपनी आंखें बहुत ज्यादा रगड़ूं तो क्या होगा? | मैं अपनी आंखों को रगड़ना कैसे बंद करूं? | What Happens When You Rub Your Eyes Too hard? |

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Dr. Anin Sethi
Mirchia Laser Eye Center Ophthalmology

What Happens if You Rub Your Eyes Too Much ? | Can rubbing your eyes be dangerous? | What to do instead of rubbing your eyes? |  Does rubbing eyes cause damage?

What happens if you rub your eyes too much, In this video,  Dr. Anin Sethi, discusses what happens when you rub your eyes too much. 

What causes itching in the eyes?

There are numerous causes of irritated eyes. Dry eyes and allergies, commonly known as allergic conjunctivitis, are the two main causes. Over a number of elements affect dryness in the eyes. Like any other nasal ad skin allergy, allergies in the eyes occur through the same mechanism. Dust particles, animals—especially cats and dogs and seasonal allergies cause eye allergies.The most noticeable symptom of seasonal allergies is itching ;  when seasonal plants develop, their pollen drifts through the air and irritates the surface of the eyes.  Apart from these symptoms, as I mentioned, allergies mainly cause itchiness but may cause watering, blurry vision, and a burning sensation. In addition, continuous rubbing of the eyes may cause wounds in the eyelashes resulting in a burning feeling. Further, it depends upon the extent of the allergy, how much we are rubbing, and whether we are seeking treatment. In addition, it would also tell you which parts of the eyes are adversely affected.In addition to these signs, allergies can cause symptoms like moist eyes, fuzzy vision, and a burning feeling. Additionally, persistently scratching eyes might damage eyelashes, and give a burning sensation. It also depends on how severe the allergy is, how much we rub, and whether we are seeking medical attention. It would also describe the areas of the eyes that it will impact negatively..

What are the adverse effects of too much rubbing ?

If one frequently rubs their eyes because they are scratchy, they run into the risk of harming their eyes. Continuous rubbing may affect the power of eyeglasses or if someone might need eyeglasses. The trauma that might arise from rubbing the eyes can damage and change the eye’s shape. If an allergic reaction occurs in children, especially,if they wipe their eyes constantly, they may require power eye glasses.

Most often, they receive cylinder-shaped eye glasses because of the change in the alternation of eye shape. Second, there is a possibility of an increase in the power of cylindrical number eye glasses. The cornea could even become so fragile that it entirely changes its shape Furthermore, it becomes very impossible to increase eyesight. Medical terminology for this condition, which causes the cornea to appear conical in shape, is keratoconus. Under these circumstances, it is impossible to correct the vision. Such conditions require different assistance. Constantly scratching eyes can harm them permanently. Rubbing eyes with dirty hands can cause recurrent eye infection. Stye is a common eye infection one may develop from rubbing eyes with dirty hands. It causes swelling and pus to form in the eyelashes. Frequent eye rubbing can lead to conjunctivitis or eye flu.

How to avoid rubbing your eyes ?

One must avoid rubbing their itchy eyes. If you have itchy or allergies to your eyes, the first thing is to avoid rubbing your eyes. Your eyes will itch more when you massage them. The itching will subside, but soon it will return, creating a vicious cycle. It will provide relief, and you’ll rub it repeatedly, eventually damaging your cornea. Additionally, you can lightly rub through sideways if you want to rub. But it’s better to avoid rubbing in the eyes. In addition, one can splash water in the eyes, preferably drinking water, and even an ice pack for 5- 10 minutes will give relief. After that, you must consult your eye doctor; they might prescribe you some anti allergies medication, steroids, and lubricants. It would provide relief in 4-5 days. Although these allergies can happen at any age, even infants as little as two months old, they most frequently affect kids’ eyes under the age of 10. Most of the time, it is seasonal and happens at certain times of year. Since it is a recurring issue, one should consult a doctor and begin treatment. There is no permanent treatment for allergies, but one gets relief from the treatment.Most children with allergies outgrow them by the age of 17. In the end, one must refrain from rubbing their eyes and seek medical attention. One must avoid rubbing their eyes for healthy eye care.

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