Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment | How to Reduce Eye Strain | आंखों का भारीपन कैसे दूर करें? | कंप्यूटर विजन सिंड्रोम का इलाज क्या है? | कंप्यूटर विजन सिंड्रोम से कैसे करें बचाव? | आंखों की थकान दूर करने के लिए क्या करना चाहिए?

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Dr. Anin Sethi
Mirchia Laser Eye Center Ophthalmology

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment | How to Reduce Eye Strain | Eye Strain Treatment Home Remedy | Tips for Computer Work | आप कंप्यूटर विजन सिंड्रोम से कैसे छुटकारा पा सकते हैं? | कंप्यूटर विजन सिंड्रोम से कैसे बचें?

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment, In this video, Dr. Anin Sethi from Mirchia’s Laser Eye Clinic : A unit of Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital talks about measures to prevent Computer vision syndrome and eye strain. If the screen is reflective, the light source will be reflected from the screen and cause eye strain. One can use a matt finish screen guard or anti-glare screen guard, which reduces the reflection. The second thing is one can alter the position of the light source which is directly getting reflected by the screen to the eyes. One alternative is to put it behind the laptop so that it doesn’t reflect on the screen. In addition, changing the position of the laptop screen so that the reflection doesn’t distraught the vision. Hence one can easily focus on the screen. The type of screen also plays a role in causing strain.

Earlier, there were low refresh rate screens with a refresh rate of 15-30 per screen. Such screen makes it difficult to focus on a particular word or alphabet. So it causes eye strain. High refresh rate screens like 50-100 Hertz can hep in reducing eye strain. One could modify the screen, and setting up the device or its position can help reduce eye strain. In addition, one can change their environment to reduce eye strain.

How does AC airflow cause eye strain | Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

When the laptop/desktop screen is directly placed in front of AC airflow. its direct airflow is towards the eyes. One can either reposition yourself or change the directions of the AC vent. So that eyes don’t come in contact with direct airflow. During winters, if you use heaters, the room’s air humidity reduces, causing eye dryness, further heightening the symptoms. One can adjust lighting according to their eye and comfort. In addition, one must keep the screen brightness medium, not high or low, and use humidifiers also help. These days table humidifiers are also available, which you can keep in glass or any water-containing container. It will spread water vapors in the local environment. As a result, the moisture content in the air increases. Further it reduces the possibility of developing computer vision syndrome and dry eyes.

How does daily habit change prevent Computer Vision Syndrome ?

One can change their habits, like taking a break of 5 minutes after every 45 minutes of work. This break must be screen-free. One shouldn’t use any device, and one can sit with eyes closed and splash cold water on the eyes. If excessive screen use is causing headaches then after 30-40 minutes, look away for 10-15 seconds. Further seeing a distance of 10-15 ft relaxes eye muscles. By doing this, one can reduce their tendency of headaches.

Apart from these things, one should consider the computer screen position. Ideally, the computer screen must be positioned 15-60 cm from the eyes and a few cm below the eye level. By keeping the distance slightly below, so that the user will not focus straight but rather a bit down. In addition, the eye surface is covered a bit by eyelashes reducing the dryness symptoms. There is an increase in the probability of neck, head or back pain if the screen is placed in front of the eye level. Hence the computer screen position is also very important.

If you developed these symptoms while working on computers, then as you take a break. You may take 10-15 minutes for the symptoms to subside. After that, you can put a splash of cold water in the eyes. Even closing eyes for 5- 10 minutes also reduces the symptoms. And one takes medicine like lubricating eye drops if prescribed.


First and foremost, Consult eye specialist. They will examine the eyes and determine the need for specs. And in addition, further diagnosis can be made for other eye problems apart from dryness like allergies. After ruling out all these symptoms, doctors diagnose computer vision syndrome. If you cannot meet a doctor but are willing to take medicine, one can use artificial tears or tear supplements. These are kinds of eye drops that maintain moisture in the eyes. These are available to patients without a prescription in most drug stores. They don’t pose any serious side effects. But after using them one is not getting any relief, one must consult an eye doctor. In addition, one may need other medicines and eye drops. In addition, the effect of eye drops stays up to 2-3 hours, so one may need to use them repetitively. 

The use of devices has increased to a much greater extent in today’s world; all people use laptops, computers, and tablets for both professional and personal use. There are symptoms, and I have shared information with you on how we can avoid these symptoms and what precautions one can take to reduce eye strain, and we have seen that taking a break plays an important role in this. If you are using a computer for a longer duration, you must take a break. It would certainly increase work efficiency but reduce computer vision syndrome symptoms. 

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