Entropion Treatment, Causes and Symptoms | Eyelid Turned Inward | अंदर की ओर मुड़ी पलकों का इलाज | What is the best treatment for entropion? | What surgery fixes entropion? | कौन सी सर्जरी एंट्रोपियन को ठीक करती है?

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Dr. Anin Sethi
Mirchia Laser Eye Center Ophthalmology

Entropion Treatment, Causes and Symptoms |   | अंदर की ओर मुड़ी पलकों का इलाज | What is the best treatment for entropion? | What surgery fixes entropion? | कौन सी सर्जरी एंट्रोपियन को ठीक करती है? |

Entropion Treatment, In this video, Dr. Anin Sethi, Ophthalmologist from Mirchia’s Laser Eye Clinic : A unit of Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital discusses Entropion, treatment, its causes and most likely symptoms.  

What is Entropion?

It’s an eye disease in which eyelashes turn inwards and further rub against the eyeball or cornea. The rubbing action results in pain and watering in the eyes. In addition, it may damage the cornea and lead to the formation of spots in it.

How common is Entropion eye disease?

Its prevalence is 1% in the population who are above the age of 60. However, its severity may differ. Few may have mild conditions with fewer symptoms; on the other hand, it may get severe, so much so that it requires surgery.  

What are the symptoms of Entropion?

Since inward movement of eyelids causes it to rub against the cornea and eyeball. It may cause severe pain and a prick in the eye. Moreover, constant rubbing might lead to white spots on the cornea, corneal infection, and ulcer formation. In addition, due to the inwards movement of eyelashes, eyes are unable to close properly, and disturbance in tear film present on the eyes causes dryness. Also, pain and foreign body sensations can cause excessive watering in the eye

What causes Entropion?

Most commonly this condition surfaces in the elderly population who are above 60 years old. The most common cause of inward movement of eyelashes is depletion of fat. This condition is also called Periorbital Fat atrophy. As a result, eyelids start moving inwards. Other reasons include the weakening of muscles that help tighten the eyes, and as a result, the eyelashes aren’t able to maintain their shape resulting in inward movement of eyelashes. In addition, muscles supporting the eyelashes further weaken with age. As a result, it yields symptoms.

The second reason  especially in children is congenital or present from birth. There is developmental problem in eyelash growth and development, resulting in the abnormal structure causing inward movement of the eyelashes.

The third most important reason is drug allergy which leads to the formation of wounds in the interior of eyelashes. In addition, any chemical injury, acid attack, or alkali can cause the appearance of damage to the eyelashes. So when these wounds heal, they tend to pull eyelashes inside, resulting in inward movement.  

What is the treatment of Entropion?

The prime mode of treatment of Entropion is surgery. But if the patient wishes to delay the surgery for Entropion or if it is of mild grade, then the doctor can prevent the constant rubbing of eyelashes to the cornea by prescribing lubricating eye drops. The second thing is if the Entropion is in children and they don’t wish to have surgery early, then the doctor can temporarily tape the eyelid. Then, with the help of tape, the eyelids are turned outside. The third and main treatment is surgery. Further operation depends on the structure of the eyelashes or which component of eyelashes is loose or weak, and its strengthened by surgery. In this, doctors operate on the tissue of the eyelashes and tighten them a bit, and enhance their strength to prevent their inwards movement, so the treatment is mainly surgical only. For more information, visit our SimpiHealth website.

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