Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms | आंखों की थकान व भारीपन के कारण? | कंप्यूटर विजन सिंड्रोम से कैसे बचें? | कंप्यूटर विजन सिंड्रोम में क्या होता है? | कंप्यूटर पर धुंधली आंखें कैसे ठीक करते हैं? | क्या आप कंप्यूटर विजन सिंड्रोम को ठीक कर सकते हैं?

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Dr. Anin Sethi
Mirchia Laser Eye Center Ophthalmology

Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms | Does looking at your phone or laptop cause you Digital Strain? | कंप्यूटर स्क्रीन देखने पर मुझे चक्कर क्यों आता है? | कंप्यूटर से आंखों में खिंचाव क्यों होता है? | मेरा कंप्यूटर मेरी आंखों में दर्द क्यों कर रहा है?

Computer vision syndrome symptoms, Hello friends, I am Dr. Anin Sethi, and today I will tell you about computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. 

What is computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain?

Often patients complain that when they use a screen for a longer duration, whether a computer, phone or iPad, or tablet, their eyes get strained, watery eyes, burning sensation in the eyes. Even a few may have neck pain accompanied by headaches. So these are a range of symptoms that people specifically associate with screen use. All these are diagnosed as Computer vision syndrome. Various reasons with different presentations can cause it. Most people with computer vision syndrome have watery eyes, a burning sensation in the eye, and headaches.

What are the most common symptoms of computer vision syndrome?

Whenever one uses a computer screen for a longer period, however, this long duration varies from individual to individual. Still, these symptoms may appear if the person works on a screen for more than 1 to 2 hours. The most common symptoms include watery eyes, burning sensation, or pain in the eyes. The main causative reason behind this is the dryness in the eyes; whenever we do any focused work, the frequency of blinking eyelashes reduces. As a result, layers of tears over the eyes evaporate, and the eye’s surface dries up. Dryness causes these symptoms. Other symptoms include headaches and blurry vision. In addition, few may have dizziness and shoulder and neck pain. So there are different reasons associated with them. For example, if we talk about blurry vision, headache mostly occurs when we focus on near things like a computer screen. Hence, eye muscles get active, resulting in muscle fatigue and fatigue. It causes headaches. Ciliary muscles get active when one focuses on nearby things for longer, resulting in fatigue. It may also cause headaches and blurry vision. Other symptoms like shoulder or neck pain depend greatly on the computer screen’s position. If the screen is slightly above eye level or has an uncomfortable sitting position, you tend to bend while doing work, which may cause pain in the neck, head, or shoulders. So all these symptoms are diagnosed as computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. As I told you before, you are most likely to develop computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain if you have these symptoms. You must consult your doctor for this condition so that the doctor can give tips and do an eye scan to determine whether other reasons are causing this condition.

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