Pink Eye | Eye flu Treatment | Conjunctiva – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | आई फ्लू कैसे होता है? | आई फ्लू कैसे ठीक करें? | क्या सिर्फ देखने से आई फ्लू फैल सकता है? | How do you get rid of eye flu?

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Dr. Anin Sethi
Mirchia Laser Eye Center Ophthalmology

Pink Eye | Eye flu Treatment | Conjunctiva – Causes, Symptoms & Treatment | आई फ्लू कैसे होता है? | आई फ्लू कैसे ठीक करें? | क्या सिर्फ देखने से आई फ्लू फैल सकता है? | How do you get rid of eye flu?

In this video,  Dr. Anin Sethi, Ophthalmologist from Mirchia Laser Eye Clinic : A unit of Dr Agarwals eye Hospital Chandigarh discusses pink eye or eye flu

What is pink eye, eye flu ?

 In scientific terms, it is known as Conjunctivitis. In this condition, there is swelling in the conjunctiva, the outermost covering of the eye. Various reasons contribute to this swelling, but the most common reason that causes pink eye or eye Flu is infection. Like in throat infections, colds, or coughs in which consulting organisms cause infection; likewise, in this case, a few microorganisms cause swelling in the eye’s outermost layer. This condition is called Conjunctivitis, pink eye, or eye Flu. 

What are the symptoms of pink eye?

As the name suggests, the most common symptom of pink eye is red coloration in the eye. The second most common symptom is prickness in the eye or feeling of any foreign thing like sand in the eye. The third symptom is watering the eye or discharge from the eye. Apart from these, one may have a slight loss of vision. If the infection occurs in the cornea, the black part of the eye that allows white light to pass through the eye, it may also affect the eyesight.

What causes Pink eye ?

The main cause is the infection; these microorganisms that infect the eye may come from anywhere. So, for example, putting dirty hands in the eye without washing them might lead to infection. Otherwise, patients with eye flu constantly touching their eyes, the discharge from the eye comes in contact with their hands, so if they touch any surface like the chair, table, or doorbell, then very likely, another person may also get this infection if they touch the same spot in small intervals. 

Is the eye flu contagious ?

The major mode of its transmission is the contact with the discharge. So if the uninfected person comes in contact with the discharge from the infected one, then they may also develop pink eye. The eye flu does not transmit by watching the person infected eye while stinging close to the infected person or by communicating with them. The infected material from the patient must come to the uninfected one to initiate the infection. Its main mode of transmission is by contact only. If the discharge from an infected eye enters your eye through means, it will only infect your eye; otherwise, it will not. But it is not like that if you sit with an eye flu patient or their presence around will make you infected. If eye flu patients maintain proper hygiene, if they don’t touch their eyes regularly, then there are lesser chances of cross-transmission of infection to others,


How to prevent its spread ?


 By maintaining proper hygiene, and using separate pillow, towels, and handkerchief one can prevent its spread to others. Avoid touching the eye; if the patient is doing so, then they should wash your hands with soap to prevent the spread of microorganisms from their eye to another. Apart from this, if one has eye irritation or they are  sensitive towards light, then they may use sunglasses. It will reduce the irritation, prevent it from the air, and reduce patients’ tendency to touch their eyes. So these are a few precautions to prevent its spread among family members or in the office. 


What is the treatment for eye flu or pink eye?

The treatment of eye flu majorly depends upon the cause. Most commonly, it occurs due to the infection. But one must consult your doctor if they have the symptoms of eye flu, red coloration, or any discharge. Avoid the use of counter medicine through the chemist into the eyes. After proper Doctor examination, one can predict the cause : infection or allergy.

And further treatment will depend upon the cause.  If the cause is  infection, then the main mode of treatment is antibiotic and lubricating drops. In some cases, artificial tears are also prescribed, which help reduce the burning and prickliness in the eye, and antibiotics cure the infection steadily. If one is developing loss of eyesight due to Conjunctivitis, a rare case, then the doctor may modify the treatment accordingly. 

What is the recovery period ? 

It depends upon infection to infection and which organism is causing it. One may take one week to 1 month to settle. Further, it will depend upon the type of organism that has caused the infection and the type of treatment. However, under any circumstances one shouldn’t take over the counter medicine. If one is developing symptoms of eye flu, then they must consult your doctor. 

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