Retinal Detachment Symptoms, Causes & Treatment | रेटिना खराब होने के लक्षण? | क्या रेटिना का इलाज संभव है? | रेटिना डैमेज होने का क्या कारण है? | रेटिना की जांच कैसे की जाती है?

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Dr. Rajiv Mirchia

Retinal Detachment Symptoms | नजर कमजोर होने के क्या लक्षण है? | मुझे धुंधला क्यों दिख रहा है? | एक आंख से धुंधला दिखाई दे तो क्या करें? | रेटिना डिटेचमेंट सर्जरी?

Retinal detachment symptoms, In this video, Dr. Rajeev Mirchia talks about the causes and retinal detachment surgery. He also states रेटिना खराब होने के लक्षण. 

Retinal Detachment Causes 

It causes sudden vision loss. Normally detachments occur due to high biopic or myopic patients with a minus number of lenses or one with a big eye size more likely. Normally the chances of detachment are 1 in 10,000 population. And if it is seen in one eye and or it is there is a family, then there are chances of detachment of 1 in 10,000. 

Symptoms of Retinal Detachment रेटिना खराब होने के लक्षण

If you are looking in front, you may observe that you see through a muslin cloth, and secondly, you may see less from one side, or it starts appearing greyish from either side. So these are common symptoms, and you need to seek an ophthalmologist immediately. 

How is retinal detachment treated? 

During the initial stages, much of the treatment can occur by simple procedures like LASER treatment. And in addition, if we insert some gas with a laser, gas will also do its part in healing the retinal detachment. 

Otherwise, one needs surgery when the patient has developed holes in the retina or the later stages, or there is loss of vision to some extent. It’s surgery is very sophisticated; there is no need to worry until and unless you get treated by the doctor at the right time.

Types of Retinal Detachment | Retinal Detachment Symptoms

The detachment can be of two or three types. There are rhegmatogenous, tractional, and exudative. In this, we have, but the problem is when the retina gets weak, and there is a formation of holes in the retina or water is filled up, resulting in retinal detachment. 

Then to restore vision accurately, one needs to repair the detachment as early as possible. Lesser the time from it to reattachment of the retina, the better would be the results. 

How to Prevent Retinal Detachment?

To prevent retinal detachment, regular eye checkup is very important, and it is also essential that one spreads the eye pupil and examine the retina properly. It will ensure that there is no damage inside the eye. 

After proper examination, doctors may tell about weak areas in the retina, which may put the retina at risk of detachment, then doctors advise them for LASER treatment. And one shouldn’t ignore or avoid the suggestion. 

Never think that LASER can cause problems to the eye. Rather, this is a procedure that can save you from worse outcomes. LASER is just simple light that comes from a machine, and without even touching the eye, it works like a welding machine. It helps strengthen the weak areas, and it prevents this from those areas. 

So please stay healthy and go for regular eye checkups. And stay tension free.

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