Ways to get Pregnant fast naturally

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Dr. Rachna Abrol

Ways to get pregnant fast naturally.

In this video, Dr. Rachna Abrol, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, discusses a few tips to get pregnant fast naturally. 

Role of the menstrual cycle to get pregnant naturally:

Often, couples visit us and enquire about ways to increase natural conception. They want to know if there are some tips that they can use to get pregnant fast. Before seeking any procedure, couples, especially females, need to know their menstrual cycle. Under normal conditions, the menstrual cycle is 25–28 days. If the process is 28 days, then the 14th day would be the time of ovulation. There would be a high chance of pregnancy during ovulation if the couple engaged in physical relations. Similarly, if the cycle spans 35 days, the egg release would occur on Day 19, and there is a high chance of pregnancy. Of course, some other factors also play a role in this.

When to engage in physical activity to get pregnant naturally:

After the release of the egg, the egg’s viability spans 12–24 hours. By viability, the doctor means if the ova comes into contact with sperm within this timespan, then there can be a pregnancy. The life span of sperm inside the female body is five days, an average of three days. As a result, even if the couple has relations before ovulation, the sperm will still be viable for conception. Considering all these things, the mid-cycle, i.e., 12–20 days, is fertile for females. Hence, physical relations during this period increase the frequency of pregnancy. 

What is a safe period?

Often onset of the period is the first day. So, say, the first ten days are the safe period. By “safe,” doctors mean fewer pregnancy chances during this time. Similarly, the last days of the cycle before periods are considered safe, with fewer pregnancy chances. Again, this information is helpful to couples trying to get pregnant as they can use the fertile period to plan their pregnancy. And those who don’t want pregnancy can opt for “safe days,” which are the first ten days of the female period or the last ten days of the cycle prior.


For more information, watch the full video.

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