IVF Success Rate by Age | How age affects IVF success? | आईवीएफ सबसे सफल किस उम्र में होता है?

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Dr. Preeti Jindal

IVF Success Rate by Age | आईवीएफ कितनी उम्र तक हो सकता है?

In this video, Dr. Preeti Jindal, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist, discusses the role of age in IVF success in the present scenario. IVF success rate by age

What is IVF?

IVF means In-vitro Fertilisation, the formation of an embryo or the first form of a baby or embryo that occurs outside the female body. So, in natural conception, the egg is released from the ovary. At the same time, sperm reaches into the tubes, and fertilization occurs inside the fallopian tubes. And on the fourth day, the embryo moves toward the uterus and starts growing. In the uterus, the embryo develops into a baby over nine months till the baby is born.

IVF procedure

In IVF, doctors remove the egg from the body, and the sperm of the partner fertilize it outside of the female body. So the embryo starts forming outside the female body in the lab’s incubator. And on the 3rd or 5th day, the doctor transfers the embryo inside the female. 

Who and when one can opt for IVF? | IVF Success Rate by Age

Everyone does not need IVF. It is only for those couples who cannot conceive a pregnancy naturally or with any other more accessible mode of contraception. Often couples exhaust themselves and still don’t get the desired result of achieving pregnancy. Also, women with blockage or damage in the fallopian tubes are the ideal candidate for IVF. Aging also affects the quality of egg formation. In addition, if the sperm count is low, in some cases, everything is OK, but one is still unable to conceive naturally, so, under these circumstances, one can opt for IVF.

What is the success rate of IVF?

One thing everyone must know is that the success of IVF does not depend on the Centre. It always depends on the couple. The success rate is less if a couple is ageing. Ageing affects the sperm count and fewer eggs. And if the young couple has healthy egg formation only problem is the faulty fallopian tubes, the success rate will be higher.

How to increase the IVF success with age?

Early help can increase the success rate of IVF. The more couples delay seeking IVF treatment, the less likely they will be successful. A few techniques like artificial intelligence, PGTA, and ERA can improve the success rate. ERA tells us about individual receptivity. So, IVF is quite a complex procedure, but if done correctly, it would yield a success rate. 

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