Irregular Periods / Abnormal Menstruation Cycle: Types, Causes | Abnormal Vs Normal Period Cycle | Signs of Abnormal Menstrual cycle | 8 Types of Abnormal Menstruation

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Dr. Rachna Abrol

Irregular Periods / Abnormal Menstruation Cycle: Types, Causes | Abnormal Vs Normal Period Cycle | Signs of Abnormal Menstrual Cycle | 8 Types of Abnormal Menstruation

Irregular Periods / Abnormal Menstruation Cycle, In this video, Dr Rachna Abrol, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist discusses types of abnormal menstrual cycle or  menstruation. 

What is an abnormal menstruation cycle ?

Usually, the menstrual cycle starts at 10-12 years old. After that, girls start having their periods. But it may occur early and delay as well. But if it begins before nine years or after 15 years of age, then we consider it abnormal. Under these cases doctors need to run a few tests and treat the condition accordingly. Once the menstruation cycle starts in the girl, in some instances, they are regular from the start, and in some, it may take 2-4 years to reach regularity in their cycles. But even after initiation of periods for 2-4 years, they aren’t regular; sometimes they come and sometimes not; then we evaluate this condition and check for any abnormality.

What is the ideal duration of the menstrual cycle?

The average duration of the monthly cycle is 28 days. After every 28 days, periods will come, and day one is counted as one day at the start of the period. The average duration is 28 days, but the course may vary from 21 to 35 days. 21 days duration is also normal, and 35 days too. This cycle of 21 -35 days is considered normal, and lesser or greater than this is abnormal. 


What causes an abnormal menstrual cycle ?

Doctors need to check for hormonal disturbances as hormonal abnormalities might affect the duration of the cycle. Duration of bleeding is also taken into consideration. Normal bleeding occurs for 3-7 days, but if it appears less or more, doctors consider it abnormal, and accordingly, treat this condition. Apart from this, if females have bleeding or spotting in between periods, this is also considered an abnormality, which doctors need to evaluate further. After 40 years of age, when the concentration of hormones starts reducing, doctors call this condition perimenopausal. During this time, periods often get irregular in ladies. Usually, menopause or the stopping of periods may occur anytime after the age of 45 – 53 years. It is the average time. If menopause occurs before 40 years, then doctors call this condition premature menopause, which is also considered a menstrual abnormality that needs further evaluation. If the lady has a regular cycle till age 53, then this condition is delayed menopause. This condition also further needs testing and evaluation and further treatment accordingly. 

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