Contraception: A way to family planning

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Dr. Rachna Abrol

Contraception: A way to family planning

In this video, Dr. Rachna Abrol, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist talks about the types of contraceptives and how they can help in controlling unwanted pregnancies.

How contraceptives prevent unwanted pregnancy? 

There are various methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy, which are suitable for couples according to their requirements. First and foremost is the natural method. Most couples follow this procedure. During the fertile period or ovulation, 10 to 12 days of the period cycle, avoid intimacy to prevent pregnancy. But it has a high failure rate and increases the chances of pregnancy.

Barrier method as a contraceptive. How ?

In barrier methods, condoms are used as barriers to avoid unwanted pregnancies. It has the additional advantage of preventing STDs from one partner to another. 

Hormonal method as a contraceptives

Hormonal contraception is very effective. It stops ovulation or egg formation and hence there is no pregnancy. Among oral contraceptives, MALA D, success rate is high. However, it has one disadvantage: one needs to consume it daily. Otherwise, there is an increase in the chance of pregnancy. Injectable hormone injection is one of the effective methods of contraception. Every three months, doctors inject the dosage of the hormone  into the female body. Hormonal implants are also practical. They work efficiently for a longer time. In addition, they avoid the need for daily consumption. 

How does IUD help in preventing pregnancy?

Among intrauterine devices, Copper-T has a significant role. It is very effective. And the doctors usually opt to give space between pregnancies. If a couple has one child and they don’t need another one, for the time being, Copper- T is very helpful. All these methods are reversible. They will work till the time the couple is using them. 

Permanent method of contraception

For those who have a complete family, doctors offer permanent methods of contraception. It is a small operation. Either male or female can do this. It is a very effective method of contraception. 

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception: is it effective ?

If the couple have unprotected intercourse, emergency contraception is the major saviour. It is effective till 72 hours of unprotected intercourse. But one must seek advice from the doctor immediately. These are a few things about contraception that will suit those who greatly depend upon the patient’s age and other conditions.  For more information, watch the full video.

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