Stitches and Recovery after C-section delivery

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Dr. Rachna Abrol

How many stitches do I need after C-section delivery ?

In this video, Dr. Rachna Abrol, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, discusses how many stitches one needs during C-section delivery and related myths and facts about the same.

The Caesarean section is the most discussed topic. People frequently inquire about the number of stitches one may need, whether they dissolve independently, and which types of stitches are best. Also, what amount of pain may one experience?

Usually, if we talk about the number of stitches, the patient enquires about the skin stitches. Usually, doctors make an incision of 10 cm, which require 12–15 stitches. But they are not the only ones. First, doctors cut the abdominal wall, followed by the uterus. After the baby’s delivery, doctors stitch the abdominal wall and uterus again. Doctors stitch the uterus in layers, and these stitches are absorbable.

They dissolve on their own; one need not remove them. Likewise, the concerned doctor also stitches abdominal walls in layers. The stitches towards the inside are dissolvable, and we need not remove them. Skin stitches can be dissolvable and unabsorbable too. Doctors need to remove them and use staples in the cases. All these vary from patient to patient, and whichever option is best for the patient and doctors choose accordingly.

Do stitches in C-section delivery hurt on their removal?

The stitches removal process doesn’t cause pain. However, one may have a little discomfort, but it is not painful. Another common query females have, after the Caesarean section, how many days would the pain last? Like in any other operation, it may last 7–10 days, but painkillers can manage it. For the first few days, the doctor prescribes painkillers as an IV, followed by oral medication according to the pain. After that, one may walk adequately and get comfortable with the medicine. Doctors remove stitches within seven days.

What are the precautions one must take after a C-section delivery? How much time does stitching healing require?

One can continue their normal activities within 7–10 days, depending upon one’s comfort zone. One must avoid picking up heavy objects for at least three months, but mothers can carry their babies and do normal home activities. For at least three months, one must abstain from doing heavy things, like picking up heavy objects and avoiding any form of abdominal exercise. Another question females have is how often one can have a caesarean operation. What is the safe number? A caesarean section o is safe up to three times. Suppose one has more than three times the likelihood that it is risky for both mother and baby. There is always a risk of uterus scar rupture, which isr C-section delivery is dangerous for the mother and baby. Hence, doctors recommend only three caesarean sections in a female’s lifetime.

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