Painless normal delivery

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Dr. Rachna Abrol

Painless normal delivery: Pros and Cons

In this video, Dr. Rachna Abrol, Consultant Gynecologist and Obstetrician, discusses normal painless delivery. Epidural delivery involves a needle and epidural catheter. Through the catheter, the drug travel and reduces the pain during contractions. However, the drug’s effect fades away 2-4 hours post-delivery.

What is the procedure for normal painless delivery?

In this procedure, an anesthetic gives an epidural injection to the patient’s spinal cord. The epidural injection numbs the sensation of pain. 

Planning pregnancy and passing all nine months waiting for your bundle of joy can turn awful after hours of labor pain and push-and-pull tiredness. However, with advancements in techniques and evolution in medicine, there are procedures to reduce pain during childbirth.

When to opt for painless normal delivery?

Doctors opt for this procedure when the patient is in active labor, with a frequency of three contractions in 10 minutes. 

Pros of this procedure

Due to numbness, the mother doesn’t feel exhausted and doesn’t get that tired. As a matter of fact, the labor experience is much better. It doesn’t cause any side effects to the baby. However, doctors need to continuously monitor the mother and the baby. It also helps in reducing the chance of C Section. When the mothers get tired during normal delivery, doctors opt for a C-section. However, with epidural injection, all these things are ruled out. 

It helps in body relaxation by relieving tension between the pelvic and vaginal muscles. Mothers with heart-related problems benefit more from this procedure as it helps mitigate sudden shoot-up blood pressure. No to minimal secretion of stress hormones. Consequently, it is a perfect option for aging mothers.

Are there any side effects? 

There are a few side effects. First, due to epidural injection, there is an increase in the chance of vacuum and forceps delivery. If the epidural leakage into the spine, then there is a possibility of migraine-like headaches.

Can any lady opt for epidural delivery? 

It majorly depends on the patient’s condition. If there are any complications, then we decide if the condition is safe for the mother or not. To know more about epidural delivery, watch the full video.

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