Mood swings during periods: Signs and Causes

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Dr. Rachna Abrol

Mood swings during periods

Dr. Rachna Abrol, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, discusses mood swings during periods. It is a widespread problem. More than 50 % of young or childbearing ladies face changes in their menstrual cycle.

What are the common indications of mood swings?

Many women experience irritation, get angry. Some also may get crabby and cry without any reason. These are some of the expected changes that women experience before ten days. 

What is PMS?

If they subside after periods, we label these changes as premenstrual syndrome. These are mostly related to menstrual cycles. But in severe cases, it can lead to depression or psychological problems. 

Causes of mood changes during the period

Hormonal changes or imbalance is the main causative reason for mood change during this period.

Other causes

Medical conditions like PCOS  or ovarian cyst can lead to this. Even consumption of contraceptive pills can cause imbalance in hormones. Addiction and stress can also be the root cause.

PMS during Puberty

Females tend to have more psychological changes. They get angry fast, moody crabby, and irritable. Due to the influx of hormones , these emotional changes get hyped. In later stages it gets more painful.

How can we manage this? 

Lifestyle modification greatly helps in elevating the symptoms of periods’ mood. For example, after Exercise, certain chemicals called endorphins are released, giving a feel-good factor. 

How Exercise helps in controlling PMS?

Exercise aids in improving symptoms. Doctors advise females to regular exercise. Apart from this, meditation and yoga also help in mood elevation. But unfortunately, one might need medication. 

 Bottom Line 

It is prevalent have mood swings in females during periods. But one can avoid the pain by adopting a healthy lifestyle. In addition, doing daily exercises also help. To know more, watch the full video. 

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