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Dr. Heena Chawla

Treatment For Cervicitis: Causes, Symptom and Treatment 

Treatment For Cervicitis, In this video, Dr. Heena Chawla, Consultant Gynaecologist at Apollo Clinic and CHD City Hospital Chandigarh discusses cervicitis. The mouth of the uterus is called the cervix. It is a condition with an infection or swelling in the mouth of the uterus or cervix. It may vary from acute to chronic infection.

What are the probable causes of cervicitis?

Bacterial and chlamydial are two main infection reasons for cervicitis. In 40% of the cases, chlamydial infection is a causative agent. Treatment for cervicitis, Besides, gonorrhea, bacterial vaginosis, and Herpes Human Papillomavirus also contribute. In addition, specific non-infectious reasons like allergy to tampons and douching might cause itching. Generally, contraceptives (condoms and Copper-T) can lead to inflammation.

What are the common symptoms of cervicitis ? 

The first and foremost symptom is vaginal discharge. Its color may vary from white and grey to yellow. Above all, there is itching. Often patients complain of excessive and persistent itching. Few may have lower abdominal pain or backache. There is a possibility that one may not have any of the above symptoms. Contrarily they might feel pressure in the pelvis. Lastly, severe infection can cause fever.

How to diagnose it(Treatment for cervicitis)?

First, doctors perform clinical examinations of the patient. The clinical study includes a type of discharge and may recommend a few tests. A microscopical examination of discharge clearly gives the clear picture of causative agent. The doctor may advise Pap Smear Test. If the patient has a chronic infection, then doctors do a vaginal culture swab test.  It identifies the type of infection and suitable antibiotic.


Depending upon the type of infection, the doctor gives treatment. Doctors prescribe antibiotics for bacterial infections and medicines for viral infections. Medicine can cure this.


If left untreated acute cervicitis  might turn into its chronic form. If it stays, then the infection of the mouth of the uterus may ascend to the upper areas of the uterus like fallopian tubes which we call salpingitis, or may come inside the uterus. This syndrome is called PID or pelvic inflammatory disease. This might lead to difficulty in conceiving and may lead to infertility.

Bottom line 

If you have any of these problems like unusual discharge or itching, you must consult your doctor and seek treatment. 

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