Itching during pregnancy

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Dr. Rachna Abrol

Why do women experience itching during pregnancy? How to resolve itching in pregnancy? 

In this video, SimpliHealth expert, Dr. Rachna Abrol, Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician at Sector 22 C, Chandigarh is talking about the common issue: itching during pregnancy. 

How to avoid itching during pregnancy? 

Itching during pregnancy is quite a common problem. Often ladies complain about itching on the legs, hands, or all over the body. It is generally mild and usually occurs due to dry skin. 


Mainly we advise them to follow home remedies like avoid synthetic wear, prefer cotton clothes, wear loose fitting clothes, and thoroughly moisturise the body.


Often females have itching problems in the stomach late in pregnancy, and a few may even have stretch marks. For them, we give the same advice, like moisturising the skin well and being well hydrated. 

When to consult the doctor? 

But if the problem is severe or one is having itching more at night, causing trouble, you must consult your doctor about it. It can be because of some underlying conditions. One such condition is intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy. 


The most common symptom of this condition is excessive itching. In this condition, there is an increase in the concentration of some chemicals and enzymes in the liver. So we evaluate them by blood test and make the diagnosis. 

The need to diagnose this condition

Its diagnosis is essential because it might cause hindrance in pregnancy. Therefore, if we diagnose intra hepatic cholestasis during pregnancy, we need to monitor the pregnancy closely; we run a repeated blood test to infer any increase in particular chemicals and enzyme levels. 

Often in these cases, we need to do early or premature delivery. Otherwise, they could be problematic for the baby.

Our team has all the facilities to handle all pregnancy-related queries and problems. I am Dr. Rachna Abrol, Consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician at Sector 22 C, Chandigarh. 

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