Egg Freezing Process | महिलाएं अपने एग फ्रीजिंग कब तक रख सकती है? | Is Egg Freezing Painful?

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Dr. Preeti Jindal

Egg Freezing Process | क्या एग फ्रीजिंग दर्दनाक है?

In this video, SimpliHealth expert gynecologist Dr. Preeti Jindal is talking about Egg Freezing (एग फ्रीजिंग) Process. Also she is answering some questions that people usually ask like: Egg Freezing Process

  • क्या है एग फ्रीजिंग प्रक्रिया?
  • एग फ्रीजिंग के लाभ

What is egg freezing? | एग फ्रीजिंगक्या है?

Life has become very hectic. Our biological clock and our professional clockwork go in opposite directions. That is the time or the age of 20 to 40 years is when we  establish ourselves professionally, and this is the same time to complete our family life, because our biological clock is ticking. 

So can we do something about it?. 

Yes, we can do many things to plan our family and delay our childbearing. First of all, we need to understand why we need fertility preservation. Once a woman is born, there are two billion eggs. 

Which age is perfect for egg freezing? 

These eggs carry on for life and are not formed again and again. It is seen that only 500 eggs are of use; the rest are destroyed.  This egg destruction process increases with age. At the age of  35, this egg destruction process speeds up. And after the age of 40 years, one cannot use its egg to give birth to a healthy baby. It’s not like we cannot do it at all. Babies are being born to women of age 48, 49 and even 50. 

But the chances of having an abnormal child increases with age. And fertility decreases rapidly after 35 years of age. Still, at the same time, we are establishing ourselves professionally at the age group of 35 to 40 years, that is a  prime time for us to establish ourselves professionally. 

We don’t want to give our career a break. The second point is that we don’t just have to produce the babies. We have to look after them and give them a better life, so it is essential to be financially strong. 

IVF and Egg Freezing 

It’s not like the old times where we could get married, have kids, and then everything is chaotic. Now people like to plan their lives well in advance, plan their profession, and plan their family and have children when they feel they are fit enough in all the ways to bring them into the world. So the technology can help you do this. 

As the age advances, the quality of the egg is affected, so can we do something like freeze the egg so that we can use them in later stages. Yes, it is possible, and this is known as egg freezing or embryo freezing. It is the process that consists of doing IVF in women and then freezing the egg or embryo as per  her choice. 

From the second day of the period, injections are given to the patient so that  8-10 eggs are formed in the ovaries. And we make sure that more than seven eggs are not created, as that can be harmful to you. These eggs are extracted vaginally without any cut procedure under anesthesia. 

Is Egg freezing painful?

It is a painless procedure. If you are married, then the egg can be fertilized with the sperm of your partner, and the embryo formed can be frozen. If you are single and you are not sure which partner to use for the process of making babies, in that case, only the eggs can freezed. This process is known as egg freezing. 

How many years can we freeze these eggs? 

It can be done lifelong, and it will not affect the quality of the egg or embryo. If you want to use the embryo, they are thawed first, and they are instilled in the women after the preparation of the lining. And if a woman’s eggs are frozen, they are fertilized with your partner’s sperm, and whenever you wish, they can be transferred into the woman’s body. 

  • Is this process painful? 

          The answer is no. 


  • Is this process viable? 

          Yes, and it is happening. 

Where does the use of this process start? 

Unfortunately, it began in cancer patients or young kids who had cancer. They have to undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy. So, in that case, we advise the patients to freeze their eggs or sperm before undergoing any therapy. 

Now, when women are moving forward in their careers, they are delaying childbearing. We advise them to freeze their eggs. The earlier you freez the eggs, the better the quality of the egg would be. . If you are married and don’t want a child presently, you can freeze your embryo. These are new technologies available to help you and use them to plan your family. 

Take care. Stay safe. Thank you.

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