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Calf Muscle Pain : Causes and Management

In this video, Dr. MS Narula, Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Spine, and joint replacement Surgeon at Apollo Clinics and CHD City Hospital, Sector 8 Chandigarh, talks about common reasons for calf muscle pain or swelling. 

What are the probable causes of calf pain? 

The most common reason for calf pain is muscle cramps in the calf area. And usually, it occurs during some sports activity or any other activity, which leads to dehydration or electrolyte loss. In addition, one may have muscle strain after doing any uncustomized exercise. All these activities might cause soreness in the leg resulting in cramps. 

Nocturnal cramps are one type of calf muscle pain.

Sudden and inclining pain at night is one of the most common indications of calf pain. Under these situations, one should get up from bed and stand. Otherwise, it would take a lot of time to heal. 

Other reasons 

Deep vein thrombosis is also one of the reasons for calf muscle pain. It often occurs in prolonged postures, like on flights. There are clots in the legs, which leads to swelling and pain. In atrial claudication, the arteries carrying blood narrow. It affects smokers more. 

Neurogenic defects:

Another reason is neurogenic claudication. Pressure on spinal cord nerves or in the back causes narrowing of the diameter of the nerve. 

Can diabetes lead to pain in legs?

During diabetes also, nerves get weak, resulting in muscle pain and swelling. In addition, due to chronic compartment syndrome, insufficient blood supply fluid accumulates and causes pain and swelling. 

Which supplements can help in relieving  pain?

Vitamin E in Evion or levocarnitine can help reduce nocturnal cramps. One must keep themselves hydrated, especially during workouts. 

How do you manage acute pain and swelling in the calf?

PRICE is the most effective mode of treatment. P P is protection, and as rest goes like RICE (Rest, immobilise, cold compress, and elevation), Bandage will soothe a bit. With anti-inflammatory medicines, a simple icing, 15-20 minutes 3-4 times daily, can work wonders.

Which type of exercise helps ?

Gentle calf stretching exercises help in relieving the soreness of the calf muscles pain. If you have a tear or soreness in the calf muscles, let it heal, alleviate your leg a bit, consult a doctor, and take some anti-inflammatory medicines.

Reason for leg pain during walking

If you have more calf muscle pain while walking, one needs to rule out the Achilles tendon, the tendon of heels that sometimes gets inflamed. 

Bottom line :

It is a prevalent condition of pain and swelling in muscles. Usually, sports people or people during strenuous activity face this condition. One should always keep themselves hydrated. Lastly, one may follow PRICE treatment.

To know more, watch the full video.

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