Nosebleed In Summer | गर्मी में नाक से खून आने पर क्या करें? | गर्मी में बच्चों और बड़ों की नाक से खून बहने को कैसे रोकें?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology

Nosebleed In Summer | गर्मी में बच्चों और बड़ों नकसीर रोकने के लिए क्या करना चाहिए? | गर्मी में नाक से खून आना?

Nosebleed In Summer, In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol, Simplihealth expert and ENT specialist at Abrol Institute and Research Centre talks about nosebleed. We commonly see nosebleed in summer in children.  

What causes nose bleed in children? 

Due to nose bleeding in children, often parents have anxiety because they are scared to see the blood coming out of their children’s noses. And why it is bleeding. Dryness is the most important cause of nose bleeding in children in this weather. Because of dryness, children often prick their noses, get irritated, and keep bugging their noses. 

Due to dryness, the tissue inside the nose becomes brittle and soft, ultimately leading to rupturing of blood vessels. It is impossible to stop children from doing this. Often, at bedtimes, they rub the inner lining of the nose unknowingly in their sleep as there is dryness in the nose. So constant rubbing leads to injury.

Many patients bleed from their noses without damage, but dryness is causative. So this nose bleeding occurs in children.The severity of nose build can vary from mild to very severe. And significant bleeding can lead to life-threatening conditions because children don’t have a blood reservoir. Blood loss may lead to situations like severe anemia in children. If these attacks are frequent, it is very important to treat them as excessive bleeding can lead to problems. 

What causes nosebleeds in adults? 

Similar pattern of nose bleeding is seen in adults. Nose bleeding in adults in the summer season is not very significant in most of the population. The causative reason behind this is dryness. But nose bleeding is mild and easily manageable in adults. We see severe nose bleeding in adults for maximum time in winters. In winter, we see more old-age patients in our OPD practice. 

In the winter there is shrinkage of vessels in old age as they get brittle with advancing age. Blood pressure, medicines, and atherosclerosis cause brittleness in vessels, or a malformation in the nose, leading to rupturing of these vessels. Even there is rupturing of vessels by loud sneezing or by taking deep breaths or blowing or by poking a finger, which might lead to significant bleeding. This excessive bleeding may be life-threatening if it occurs frequently. 

Reasons for nosebleed | Nosebleed In Summer 

Nose bleeding is categorised into two categories: one is summer bleeding caused by dryness, and the second category of nose bleeding, which occurs because of old age. There is either shrinkage of blood vessels or any malformation that results in excessive nose bleeding in old age. 


In children | Nosebleed In Summer 

In children with frequent nose bleeding, we instruct them to learn to pinch their nose, especially in conditions where immediate treatment is not possible, like if the child has nose bleeding at school or playing outside. So under this situation:

  • We must make them learn about pinching their nose. Bleeding will stop in 2-4 minutes when they will pinch their nose by keeping their nose between finger and thumb, and then you can go for their treatment or first-aid. 
  • Second thing we should cut children’s nails to avoid injury to the nose. Because they reflexively rub their nose or prick it, it’s difficult to control in children; since they don’t remember it that much, we should cut their nails to avoid injury to the nose. 
  • Children with a high bleeding tendency should use moisturizers, saline spray, or regular drops to avoid dryness. In addition, 
  • We can lubricate their nose with vaseline or cold cream, almond oil, olive oil or Neosporin, or paraffin-based ointment, which helps significantly. 

If the bleeding is unmanageable and there are frequent episodes of excessive bleeding, then you visit your ENT expert. The doctor may first rule out all the allergy-related problems, and they will find the vessels and seal them by some instrumentation. 

With the help of instruments, we find that burst vessel in the nose, and we burn or seal them. This procedure is called Cauterization. This Cauterization can be chemical or electrical. So this practice is essential for children.


In adults, nose bleeding is frequent in winters or can occur due to uncontrolled blood pressure, which can happen in any season. In these patients either we need to do nasal packing if we cannot find the reason for the bleeding. 

We search for the reason for bleeding by endoscopy, and if it’s accessible, the doctor immediately either seals or cauterises it. They normally cauterize with the help of instruments or endoscopes. 

So this is a long-term solution. Nasal packing is a short-term solution; if the doctor doesn’t have the facility at their clinic, it’s best to pack the nose with medical sponges.

And most patients heal after 2-3 days; otherwise, the best solution for nose bleeding is endoscopy and cauterization, in which we find the bleeding vessel and seal it.

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