How to Stop Snoring Naturally | खर्राटे क्यों आते हैं और इसका इलाज? | How can a CPAP Machine Help? | खर्राटे रोकने की मशीन | सोने के बाद खर्राटे क्यों आते हैं?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / otorhinolaryngology

How to Stop Snoring Naturally | क्या खर्राटे प्राकृतिक रूप से ठीक हो सकते हैं? | खर्राटे बंद करने की मशीन? | खर्राटे आने के कारण?

How to stop snoring naturally, In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol, Simplihealth expert and ENT specialist at Abrol Institute and Research Centre talk about how to learnt o stop snoring, a very common and most ignorant problem in our population: snoring. Most people don’t take this seriously. Snoring is attributed to medical, social, psychological, and marital issues. We must consult the doctor to know the reason behind it. 

Snoring has a few types:

  • some may have mild snoring, 
  • some may have heroic snoring, there is so much sound that can be heard well in other rooms. 

Heroic snoring | How to Stop Snoring Naturally

Heroic snoring is a severe problem, and they usually have sleep apnea. Most patients with significant daytime sleepiness with heroic snoring suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.

Mild snoring

In mild snoring patients, patients snore lightly, and little sound is produced, which may cause a disturbance. These patients may not have apnea or daytime sleepiness but have social and marital problems and don’t like to go out with others or outside society. We need to address these patients too. 

Causes: why do you snore? 

The most common reason for mild snoring is that they might have some allergy causing nose blockage. A second reason could be structural problems like having polyps in the nose, deviated nasal bone,  turbinate hypertrophy, or being slightly obese. And they have extra tissues in throats or enlarged tonsils or tongues or a thick palate. All these problems may contribute to mild snoring. 

For medical causes like allergies or polyps, we can treat them by giving anti-allergies treatment or decongestant therapy. With the help of steroid spray, we can clear the nasal blockage. and it may improve their snoring. Also, we ask patients to lose weight, engage in some activity, improve their muscle tone, do exercise, and the patients heal by following these things. If they don’t get better, we treat them surgically as no medical treatment is available. 

How does mild snoring affect your life? | How to Stop Snoring Naturally

Patients with mild snoring often don’t visit us because they don’t consider this a problem; they think it is part of life and not a disease. But those who are worried have issues affecting their social and marital life; they come to us for treatment, and we address and treat them adequately. 

How does heroic snoring affect your life? 

Patients with heroic snoring snore enough to make noise in the adjoining room, or those who sleep alone because their spouse can’t sleep with them; we need to rule out apnea in their history. Mostly they have sleep apnea with significant daytime sleepiness. In addition, 80 % of heroic snoring patients are moderately obese or are slightly overweight. Finally, most heroic snoring patients have a history of smoking and alcoholics with the intake of tranquilizers and sleep medicines, so all these have a higher chance of heroic snoring. 

Especially in obese people or those who have a short neck, or chin indrawn, or have different type of face or chin structure; so all these patients come under the severe category; they require serious treatment.

Treatment: how can you treat your snoring? 

It is impossible to treat them medically with medicines. These patients suffer significant daytime sleepiness and loss of work hours. They are prone to have accidents while driving, and they have a considerable life modification which has happened because of various things. We need to diagnose these patients by examining and ruling out the structural problem; we need to perform endoscopy of the nose and throat. We need to check their body weight and BMI since they are all obese. We need to take their lifestyle history and rule out alcohol intake, tranquilizers, and smoking. 

Sleep study | How to Stop Snoring Naturally

The most important thing in heroic snoring is the study of sleep. Sleep study or polysomnography is the gold standard investigation as it tells us about the cause of severity and gives the idea of a prospective treatment. We do sleep study overnight. We study all the sleep parameters and their oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, their breathing pattern in sleep, how they breathe at a particular position, what position they snore more or EEG, and whether their brain is asleep or not. So we need to study all these twelve parameters for a comprehensive sleep study, and after we do all the analysis and advise the patient accordingly. 

There are different categories of sleep study. During a sleep study, if the snoring causes mild or moderate sleep apnea, one feels shortness of breath. So firstly we advise these patients to reduce weight. We request them to come to their weight according to their BMI. They must do gym or exercise and keep diet precautions to maintain weight.

Structural abnormality and CPAP machine 

For those who have a structural abnormality, we need to correct them surgically. Those who can’t do all this and are suffering a lot need therapy, so we advise them to CPAP. These people breathe with masks at night. It is a mechanical mask, and there is a pump inside that delivers air under pressure; these patients adapt within 3-5 days. CPAP users sink their breathing with the mask and get comfortable with it.CPAP is one and best treatment for everybody. But the problem is everyone is not willing to use CPAP and is not mentally prepared; they find it difficult to use. 

Surgical treatment 

This disease is severe anyways, so we do surgery on these patients. It is a relatively more extensive surgery in which we work on all three things; nose, throat, and voice box. It is a major surgery in which we need to advance the jaws to make space for airways. Gross surgery is a lengthy procedure, and most people can’t tolerate it. Therefore, weight reduction, exercise, and CPAP therapy are the best treatment for morbid snoring or heroic snoring, or morbid obesity. 

Natural tips to stop snoring

  • We must avoid alcohol, smoking, and sleeping pills, and we need to maintain our sleep hygiene.
  • We need to sleep in one position. 
  • Don’t sleep upright; rest on the side or inverted
  • They need to keep the head in a higher place so that the throat tissue does not fall into the breathing area to maintain sleep hygiene.
  •  One must have a light dinner and exercise regularly. 
  • And the patient must also avoid driving to prevent any accidents.

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