Foreign Body in Nose | बच्चों की नाक में कुछ फंस जाये तो क्या करें? | Keep Your Child Safe | बच्चे के नाक में कुछ चला जाए तो कैसे निकाले? |

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology

Foreign Body in Nose | बच्चों की नाक में कुछ फंस जाये तो क्या करें? | नाक में कुछ चला जाए तो क्या करना चाहिए? | नाक में कुछ चला जाए तो क्या करना चाहिए?

Foreign body in nose, In this video, SimpliHealth expert, Dr. Raman Abrol, ENT specialist is talking about a very interesting topic, children inserting foreign substances into their noses. He explains what should be done for a foreign body in nose, and how to protect your child,

What should be done? 

Children often have this tendency to put anything in their ear, nose, or mouth. Today we will talk about this condition where the child unknowingly inserts anything in their nose. If we look at the history or the old data, then we will know there are 4-5 things. That the children often insert into their noses. 

Which objects to keep away? 

The first and foremost thing is a rubber or eraser that children often use. And sometimes children put a pencil with rubber attached to their nose. And that rubber detaches from the pencil and stays in the nose. Another common foreign body is nuts if the children have nuts, chicken peas, or peanuts. They put pieces of them in their noses. Other things like plastic or paper or small pieces of foil are a few common things children insert in their noses while playing. While playing with beads, few children put them on their noses like beads of necklace or bangles. Among all, the most dangerous thing that we often see is the children inserting small button cells into their noses.

Why do they do this? 

Children find button cells very interesting, and while playing, they insert the cell into their noses. Out of all mentioned things, the button cell is the most dangerous foreign object. 

What can happen? 

Now we will see how children present this condition. Toddlers can’t convey this; hence the alert parents can identify this situation that some foreign object is inside their children’s noses. 

How to identify a foreign body in nose? 

Blockage on one side of the nose may indicate the presence of foreign things in the nose. If both the nostrils are closed, there could be a cold, allergy, or infection. But if there is a consistent blockage in one side of the nose. Most of the time it’s closed, like in the morning, afternoon, and night. Then the parents must be alert that there might be a possibility that the child has put some foreign object in their nose. 

What happens if it goes unidentified?

Often we can see foreign objects in the nose. During the initial time with the help of a torch, the caretakers may see this object in the initial phase. But if the foreign object is inside the nose for 10-15 days and it is present as undetected. Neither the children told their parents. Nor did the parents notice that we often see the following type of presentation under these conditions. 

There can be a discharge of pus, bleeding from one side of the nose, and there can be a smell too. These children, if noticed closely, may have a smelly nose with pus discharge and bleeding. 

Also, in a few cases, a substance like pus, watery discharge, or there is already blockage of the nose, but it may cause bleeding too. If children show these symptoms on one side of the nose, then there is a high chance of a foreign body in the nose.

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