Tonsils Removal Surgery in Adults | Who can opt for Tonsil Surgery in Adults | टॉन्सिल का ऑपरेशन – Tonsil Surgery (Tonsillectomy) in Hindi | How Painful is Tonsil Surgery in Adults? | Is Tonsil Removal Safe for Adults? | What is the Best Age to Remove Tonsils?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology Abrol ent research center

Tonsils Removal Surgery in Adults | Who can opt for Tonsil Surgery in Adults | टॉन्सिल का ऑपरेशन – Tonsil Surgery (Tonsillectomy) in Hindi | How Painful is Tonsil Surgery in Adults? | Is Tonsil Removal Safe for Adults? | What is the Best Age to Remove Tonsils?

In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol from Abrol ENT Institute and Research centre, Chandigarh discusses who is eligible for tonsil removal surgery in adults.  

Tonsil surgery, especially in children, is a very common procedure and is considered the most common method in ENT practices. If one sees the records, there is a long waiting list in Western countries, the UK, Australia, Europe and America. A very large number of tonsils surgeries are done per day. But most people want to know whether they should opt for tonsil surgery in adults. In addition, under what circumstances is it feasible? Tonsil surgery in adults is done at very specific indications. It is not done in all cases because, in adults, tonsil infections are relatively rare. Adults are prone to viral infection. Hence sore throat is not entirely suggested tonsil infection. This is a common misconception. They all think most sore throat infections are related to tonsil infections, but that is not quite true.

Who is likely to have tonsil surgery ?

Foremost are those patients who qualify for the surgery who have breathing problems like sleep disturbance because of their enlarged-sized tonsils and their breathing passage is blocked. Due to this, they have developed sleep disturbance. As doctors observe in the sleep study, they have severe sleep apnea levels. In addition, they have severe snoring, and they wake in the middle of the night. So patients with a mechanical blockage that occurs due to enlarged tonsils are the clear candidate for tonsil removal surgery. 

Can a suspicion of cancer make the person eligible for surgery ?

The second category of patients are those who are suspected of malignancy, and doctors believe it could be cancer. Then in these cases, too, doctors remove the tonsils and send them for testing as they need to perform tonsil surgery only in suspicious cases. The third type is the patients who suffer from frequent frank tonsil infections who qualify for the surgery. Only sore throat doesn’t suggest tonsil, but if any ENT doctor or nay doctor whom the patient is seeking for your condition diagnosed with you infection in tonsil or tonsillitis in which there are white spots on the tonsils, so if they are having this problem frequently like 4-5 times in a year, the patient is facing work loss, hospitalised or at home bedridden so this severe infection if the patient is having in their tonsils then the patients qualify for tonsils surgery. These patients get significant relief; the tonsil infection is over, and they fall less sick. 

Does having social problems make you eligible for tonsil surgery ?

The fourth category of patients who are candidates for tonsil removal surgery are those who have social problems like enlarged tonsils in which cheesy white debris is stuck all the time. Patients complain that the suspected white stone or paste type coming from their tonsils has a foul smell in the mouth. These patients’ friends or partners complain that they have a bad smell in their mouths. It could be the dental origin, but if their dental health is at its best, then if the doctor examines their tonsils, one will notice the white spots, more commonly called tonsils cheese or stones. These patients who are socially conscious or have faced social problems have an inferiority complex or depression, then these patients; if their tonsils are removed, their mouth odour clears, and they get healthy. 

What is so different about Adults tonsil surgery ?

In adult tonsil surgery, the method is the same; doctors do it with Laser these days. It is done through copulation or plasma knife surgery. It is bloodless and quick; the surgery ends in 5- 10 minutes. Abrol ENT Institute and Research centre is fully equipped to perform this laser surgery, and they do all the surgeries by Laser. The difference between the two is in adults, the nerve ending is fully developed, and during surgery, the removal of the tonsils is tough because repeated infections make the tissue not cut or burn easily. 

Are there any complications in the surgery ?

The second reason is that there is a high chance of bleeding during surgery which is not in children and is almost negligible. The third case is doctors need to use other techniques, like large bleeders that need cauterization, and sometimes need to burn them electrically. The next problem is that they feel more pain post-operatively; in children, they don’t feel much pain after 2-3 days because of improper development of nerve endings, but in adults, there are fully developed nerve ends. When they cut, it gets very painful. In adults, tonsils pain lasts longer, 10-12 days. They need to be on painkillers. They are likely to have a bad secondary haemorrhage and bleed from the mouth compared to children. In children, the incidence is negligible. It is 0.5-1% secondary haemorrhage in adults at almost 5%. Although it is managed easily because adults have a much higher reserve, there is a risk of bleeding or secondary haemorrhage that occurs in 6-7 days. Still, it can be managed adequately and treated.  

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