Indian Toilet vs Western Toilet | Which Toilets are Better?

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Guru Manish Ji

Indian Toilet vs Western Toilet (भारतीय शौचालय vs विदेशी शौचालय कौन सा अधिक उपयोगी?)

Indian Toilet vs Western Toilet, He knows everything about constipation. In this video, I(Guru Manish)will explain how a small issue like constipation can lead to cancer or tumor. Due to the lifestyle in today’s time, people suffer from constipation, IBS, colon cancer, appendicitis, piles, fissure, fistula, etc. Have you ever thought about the food that you put in your body, you exercise but still suffer from stomach problems?  The main reason is your toilet seat. Let me explain(Indian Toilets vs Western Toilets) it is a very simple formula, this is our stomach. The intestines do like this. This is your head, your stomach, and your intestines, the food goes through this, here and then it goes like this. See this. 

Benefits of the Indian toilet seat:

It is also called a squat position. When you sit like this the thighs put pressure on your stomach. This way all the waste is pushed out of the body. And the parasitic movement of the intestines is improved as well. You make an angle of 35degree with your torso and thighs when you sit in a squat position. Whereas the angle is 90degree when you sit on the western toilet. 

The squat position is also good for blood circulation. In this, the puborectalis muscle is completely relaxed. Whereas, when you sit on the western toilet the muscles get choked. Which results in the incomplete excretion of waste. And due to this, people fall ill very often. Not only this people also suffer from diabetes, BP, backache, and joint pain. 

You don’t have to do anything. Everything happens on its own. You sit like this it puts pressure on your stomach and intestines. And then slowly, slowly. According to Vedic science, the squat position is 100% scientific. It was called ukdu style. But due to western culture, our ways of doing things became different. 

(movie scene) 

You do not have to sit like Amitabh Bachan on the seat. What you have to do is, put a stool under your feet when you sit on the seat. Place the stool so that you make an angle of 35degrees. When you sit in a squat position you do not have to put a lot of pressure therefore it does not hurt your intestines, which avoids diseases like receptor collapse. My goal here is to empty your bowls and advice ways for easy excretion methods. There are a lot of churans available in the market for digestion. But I advise you not to buy them on your own. Always consult a doctor and get to the bottom of the problem and then treat it accordingly. 

So I would suggest that you use the squat method, use the western toilet but sit in the squat position. If you think that the western way is good for you then try to sit in the squat method and see the difference for yourself. The waste that you do not excrete and keep inside, causes stomach problems and harms the intestines. This would save you from going to the doctor with problems like piles, fistula. If you want to live a healthy life then start accepting the old Indian methods. Follow the western culture but inculcate the Indian ways in them. Sit on the western seat but all you have to do is put a stool under your feet. Thank you. 

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