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Guru Manish Ji

Best Morning Breakfast (सुबह का ऊर्जावान नाश्ता )

Best Morning Breakfast, I promised you in the previous video to discussing the food which will help you stay healthy and lead you to success.  One crucial thing to remember is that food has to be consumed after taking a bath. But, unfortunately, a lot of people, especially the youngsters, take a bath after they have had their food. This can lead you down the path of diseases. So one should never forget to eat after you have taken a bath. 

The breakfast should be filling and should provide you energy throughout the day. You should try and have your breakfast before 9 am.  When we wake up, the quality of enzymes in our body for about one and half hours is very rich.  If you are very healthy, the food would be a bowl of fruit, ten times your weight (in grams). For example, you weigh 70 kgs. Multiply it by 10, i.e., 700. So you should consume 700 g of fruit. If you are 50kgs, then eat 500g. If you are 60kgs, then eat 600g. 

Best Morning Breakfast, If not fruit, then drinks coconut water. With this, you can eat chapati, khichdi, dalia, chawal, or anything you want. 

One thing to remember is that the food should be different each day. Just like we change our clothes daily, we should eat other foods for breakfast as well. Some people eat chapati’s or parathas every day, but the body needs everything, every day. The body requires vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. And you’ll get it if you eat a variety of food daily. 

Eat different food every day, but a bowl full of fruits is a must for breakfast. 

Five types of fruits in a big plate should be your plate 1 for breakfast. And then plate two can be whatever you wish to eat. So there should be no gap between plates 1 and 2. 

You should always chew properly when you eat. You should never eat in a hurry. And I would want you to spread this message all over India. Share how you get rid of diseases by simply just changing your breakfast habits. 

Thank you. 

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