Fact About Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment | क्या सुबह की सूरज की किरणें कारगर है?

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Guru Manish Ji

Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment

A question arises in everyone’s mind about Vitamin D Deficiency Treatment. Whenever one goes for medical investigation from a doctor, it shows a lack of Vitamin -D. Today I will reveal the truth behind this system. Nowadays, it becomes a business if vitamin D is low doctors advise taking milk, taking a sachet, or taking vitamin D capsules. Due to this, it is a substantial big business.

Morning Sun Rays : सुबह की सूरज की किरणें

Vitamin D Deficiency TreatmentNow you will seek the truth behind this. Listen! We all live in India. In India, 90% of the geographical area receives sun for nine months to eleven months. So then, how does the deficiency of vitamin -D occur. Vitamin D has a strong relationship with our eating habits & lifestyle, but the primary source is the sun.

We shall daily expose our body to the sun for 15 minutes to 30 minutes and walk in the sun. But the question is to which sun? Early morning between 15 minutes to 45 minutes when the sun rises t is healthy for the human body. At that time body is also on absorption mode. Close environments like congested residences or closed spaces should be avoided. So, the sun does not reach inside the home. So, the primary reason for deficiency of vitamin D is due to less exposure to the sun. Please share &viral this video to every household.

A broad category of people can be at risk of Vitamin D deficiency. Among them, few are breastfed infants since mother’s milk is a poor source of Vitamin D. Older adults may also develop this deficiency because they are more likely to stay indoors. In addition, people with a specific metabolic syndrome like obesity and a condition of osteoporosis may have vitamin D deficiency.

Apart from spending quality time, one can include vitamin D-rich supplements in the diet. For vitamin D deficiency treatment, one may have fatty fish, salmon or tuna, eggs, and cod liver oil. Mushrooms are also source of vitamin D. One may opt for a healthier option in milk like soy or almond, and oat milk.

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