How to Increase Vitamin D and B12 Naturally | विटामिन डी और बी-12 कमी को कैसे पूरा करें

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Guru Manish Ji

How to Increase Vitamin D and B12

How to Increase Vitamin D and B12, This is a very interesting fact. Having a vitamin D deficiency increases the chances of vitamin B12 deficiency by 90%. The person would have low calcium as well. If you want your vitamin D to bounce back to normal, you should avoid milk and milk-made products for 30 days. This will help you increase vitamin D and B12 levels naturally. 

Now the question arises how is this possible? 

When you did not drink milk, then how did the vitamin level fall? And how will, not consuming milk increase vitamin D? 

Listen carefully now. A large amount of your liver’s energy is used to digest the dairy products you consume. So if you avoid milk and dairy products for 30 days, then the body gets time to remove the toxins from your body.  

And the second thing is that you will have to fast for one whole day. You can eat fruits or salad.  Or you can add a big plate of fruits or salad to your diet. This will help with vitamin D deficiency without any sachet or tablets. 

This is because all the vegetables and fruits are grown in nature under direct sunlight. And if all this naturally grown food goes inside your body, your body will get adequate vitamin D. This, in turn, will help maintain your vitamin B12, calcium, and iron. 

It is the essential function of vitamin D to absorb Calcium and promote the growth of bones. Its deficiency in kids causes bone-related diseases like rickets. Help your brain: Vitamin B12 is good for the overall health of the human brain.
Vitamin D is essential, especially in growing age of kids, as it helps Calcium absorption. Adequate calcium absorption promotes bone growth, and its deficiency might cause rickets. It also helps in keeping away depression and brings soulful mental and physical health. In addition, Vitamin B 12 helps in brain development and aids in the body’s metabolism. It can even protect you from dementia in old age.

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