Feeling of Lump in Throat | Globus Sensation | गले में अटका हुआ लगना के कारण लक्षण व उपचार | गले में अटका जैसा क्यों लगता है?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology

Feeling of Lump in Throat | Globus Sensation | What does globus anxiety feel like? | Why does anxiety cause globus?

Feeling of lump in throat, In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol talks about the foreign body/globus sensation in throat, its types and causes. Also he has explained treatment options available.  As we know, it is a very common problem. Often people feel that there is something stuck in their throat. However, there is nothing, but there is a sensation. So we call this globus in medical language. Globus sensation can affect any age. However, especially in the middle age group, it is more common. Because stress, a phobia about cancer, and other psychological causes are more prevalent in the middle age group. 

Types of globus sensation | Feeling of Lump in Throat

Foreign body or globus sensation are of two types. One is painless foreign body sensation. Patients feel that something is stuck in their lower throats. Others may have swelling. These patients try to swallow after every 10 seconds. Some patients try to clear their throats very often. These are the common indications of painless foreign body sensations. Some may also have painful lumps. Different reasons contribute to painful lumps. 

Causes of Painless globus sensation

In painless globus, the most typical cause we see in our practice is stress and phobia of cancer. Patients may feel that since their close relatives had throat cancer, they might also have one. Therefore, cancer phobia is a prevalent cause of painless globus. The second most common reason is Post-Nasal Drip (PND).

How does PND cause globus?

Often patients receive drip from their nose, and the phlegm deposits in their throat. Usually, patients try to either swallow or clear the throat to get rid of phlegm.  

Acid reflux and globus

Acid reflux is the third cause. Acid reflux is a very common condition; almost 70-80 % of the population with the age of above 30 years suffer from acid reflux. When the acid comes from the stomach to the throat and causes a little burning sensation, it develops an intense sensation of globus. Subsequently they keep clearing their throats for a longer time. In a few cases, when the patients start having food, then their first bite is stuck in the throat. Then they heal eventually. So these are globus caused by acid reflux. It is also painless.


First, we need to rule out the cause. If it is a post-nasal drip, they may require anti-analgesics. Next, seek treatment for allergies, like a nasal spray. Finally, counselling is essential as they are fearful they might have throat cancer. They are phobic. 

How counselling helps globus patients?

They must have seen their families or close relatives who have throat cancer, and they believe. Also, we need to take the patient’s history, those who had throat cancer. We need to counsel them if they tell us positively that it’s not necessary that you also have throat cancer. Reassurance is an essential part of the treatment regimen. 

How to treat Acid reflux?

The third thing is Acid reflux. Often people have a problem with acidity. So these patients need to take antacid therapy that is too optimum to control their acid and reflux. It heals with adequate antacid therapy.  

Do we need to consult a psychologist?

Few patients are psychologically affected; these standard treatments don’t help them. So instead, they require low-dose antidepressants; some may need psychiatric drugs for improvement. Eventually, their globus gets treated. 

Painful globus sensation | Feeling of Lump in Throat

There can be various reasons associated with painful globus. There are four primary reasons. First, infection in the throat, (pharyngitis, viral infection, chronic tonsillitis, or severe infection in the tonsils).  Some may have a neuralgia condition. They have a problem with a nerve in the throat. Due to this, they feel pain during swallowing. 

Thyroid disorder: Feeling of Lump in Throat

The third cause is thyroid disorder. These patients have thyroid inflammation disorders like thyroiditis. Due to this condition there is inflammation in the thyroid. They may have painful lumps, especially during swallowing. 

Can cancer cause globus?

Fourth, some may have actual cancer or tumours. Painful lump when they say it gets painful during diagnosis. So doctors need to monitor all the causes, make a proper diagnosis, and further treatment.

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