Different Types of Hearing Aids and How They Work | कान की मशीन के प्रकार | Which type of hearing aids work best?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology

Different Types of Hearing Aids and How They Work | कान की मशीन कौन सी अच्छी है?

Different types of hearing aids and how they work, In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol, ENT Specialist from Abrol ENT Institute and Research Centre, talks about types of hearing aids available, and how they have evolved over the time.

Parameter to choose type of hearing aids

In today’s scenario, good quality hearing machines are available. Hearing aid dispensation relies on hearing loss, financial capacity, environment, and requirements. Depending on the needs and facilities like Bluetooth connectivity, there are rechargeable hearing machines. There is no requirement for cell change. Their battery is available in a box like you keep the machine in the box, and it gets charged.

Rechargeable type of hearing aids: CIC

 Next model is the rechargeable model. If  you place it in the box, it’s charging, and when you take it out, it is ready to use. It is a small device. It is a custom-made product according to the patient’s specific needs. One can insert them in the ear. We call this CIC: Inside the canal. The only problem with this type is that one needs to be cautious because of its tiny size; it may get lost.

Shortcomings of CIC:

It has a short battery back. Everyone can’t have it. They are applicable for severe deafness. They are used for specific kinds of deafness.

 Digital Hearing Aid:BTE

It is a tiny device, but it works efficiently and sits on the ear. Since it sits on the ear, known as BTE (behind the ear Digital hearing aid). A large hearing aid is super strong and helpful for severe deaf patients. 


A rechargeable hearing aid or RIC is the receiver in the ear canal. Because their receiver is inside the ear, the sound quality is better. Patient satisfaction is high. It’s a bit expensive. It is available after patient counselling. 

Importance of channels in hearing aids

Another essential thing in hearing aid is channels—those patients whose needs are fine need to go out in society, in groups, or among friends. They must opt for more channels in hearing machines. More channels improve the quality. Those patients who need fine hearing always opt for a hearing aid with 10-12 > channels. 

Modern facilities:

These days they have a feature of Bluetooth enabled. Few can even sync with Phone. Patients may have an option for remote availability. A remote is available with a hearing aid to adjust the volume and software programming. Even one can attach their hearing aid with a TV connection. Tv volume may go directly from Bluetooth to the ear. But these facilities are expensive. Facilities come with a price. 

Abrol ENT Institute and Research Centre, Chandigarh, is well equipped with every hearing aid. In addition, we have qualified audiologists and doctors to ensure patient satisfaction.

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