Blocked Nose at Night | बच्चों में रात में बंद नाक को कैसे खोलें? पूर्ण उपचार | सोते समय मेरी नाक क्यों भरी जाती है? | सिर्फ एक नाक क्यों बंद हो जाता है?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology

Blocked Nose at Night | Causes & Treatment | बच्चों में नाक बंद होने का कारण? | बिना जुकाम नाक बंद होना? | बंद नाक खोलने का आसान तरीका? 

In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol  from Abrol ENT Institute and Research Centre discusses some common reasons for blocked nose at night. 

Blocked nose at night, Patients, especially adults, often complain about blocked nose at night when lying down. This condition is postural nose blockage. It mostly occurs at night. And it is more likely to occur in adults with allergic reactions. Obesity can also lead to a stuffy nose. In addition, if the adult is on anti-hypertensive or blood pressure medicines, then when they lie down, there is swelling in the nose tissue, causing a blockage. Upon examination, the ENT doctor can see a few things, like deviated nasal septum or enlarged turbinates. Most of the time, the turbinates and tissues around the nasal bone enlarge. These are like balloon tissues, one on each side, swell up when the patient lies down. It mostly occurs as a response to allergies. Most of these patients have dust mites allergies. Hence they observe blocked nose at night. These patients may show symptoms like watery discharge and sneezing, but most complain only about nose blockage. Chronic smokers may have developed postural nose blockage.

Treatment of blocked nose at night | Blocked Nose at Night

Doctors can diagnose these patients with an examination. Otherwise, if we cannot diagnose properly, we can do CT-Scan. These patients must go for sinus CT. In this, we can visualize the turbinates enlargement and analyze whether they have sinusitis or have deviated nasal septum. These patients need to breathe from their noses because these patients can have sleep apnea as a complication. To open nose blockage in these patients, we might prescribe medicines, especially anti-allergic, nasal spray, and topical decongestant drops, for a short period. Most of the patients improve by taking these treatments. However, if there is no sign of improvement, then most likely, these patients have chronic allergies. Chronic allergies may linger for many years. Hence it can’t be improved by medicine. Therefore in these cases, we do a surgical intervention and reduce turbinates with a Laser. If there is deviated nasal septum, then we do a procedure to straighten the nasal bone to restore the breathing passage. Eventually, their postural nose blockage relives at night. Anti-allergics play a very important role in these patients. So these patients heal after taking long-term anti-allergic.

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