Hearing Aid Centers Near Me | Modern Bluetooth Hearing Aids | कान की मशीन कौन सी अच्छी है? | कान की मशीन कितने प्रकार के होते हैं?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology

Hearing Aid Centers Near Me | Modern Hearing Aids Machines | कान की मशीन कहां मिलेगी? | कान का बहरापन कैसे दूर करें?

Hearing aid centers near me, In this video, Dr. Raman Abrol discusses modern hearing aids machines and how they aid in improving the quality of life. Hearing aids improve the hearing ability of deaf or have reduced hearing ability. Hearing aids devices are very useful for people who have hearing problems. 

Pocket hearing aids

For the last few years, hearing aids were pocket models. Usually, there was a pocket and a speaker inside the ear. But with modernization, there are button-sized hearing aids which fit  inside the ear. 

Why not use an over-the-counter hearing aid?

But always remember it is the doctor who will decide who needs a hearing aid. Some infection or deafness which is treatable doesn’t need it. However,  it also depends upon the consent of the patient. If surgery, medicine, or any treatment, can resolve hearing problems then it’s well and good; otherwise, the doctor advises this machine.

Why is the hearing aids patient specific?

A hearing aid is one such device that is a patient-specific instrument. One must not take them from over-the-counter as it won’t be successful for everyone.It might be a waste of money. It is a patient-specific device.One must take it only after a hearing aid test and on the doctor’s advice only considering the results of the test. Doctors advise specific hearing aids. Earlier non-digital hearing aids were used with a battery and switch attached. That switch can be on or off and adjust the volume. 

Modern ears hearing aid machines 

But modern era hearing aid machines are small, digital, and programmable. They have a chip that can be attached to a computer or app or software, and we program it. We feed patients hearing tests and their data to the software. After analysing the data, software programs the specific hearing aid, which is then ready for the patient. 

Cost/price of modern hearing aids machines | Hearing Aid Centers Near Me

The financial range of hearing aid varies from 15- 20 k to 10 lacs. There is quality and variety with various facilities. So the patient has a lot of choices. But the decision of choosing a hearing aid  depends upon the strength model and is decided by the doctor or any trained audiologist. The patient can insist on particular hearing aids. These machines are patient-specific and according to the requirement of hearing loss, it fits inside the patient’s ears. A hearing aid has no side effects. Often patients say it has side effects. 

How do they work ?

It’s a kind of device with speakers and a microphone. Mike collects the sound, increases the volume, and amplifies and sends it to the ear. Those people who have reduced hearing can listen to sound and enjoy the quality of life. It has no side effects, rather it’s an aid that helps in the quality of life.

Are there any side effects?

The biggest drawback is that like any other electronic device, this too requires a battery. All electronic devices require a source of energy that requires a battery. 

How often do they need a battery change?

Now the frequency of replacing the battery depends upon the type of machine, device’s size and its use. Battery consumption depends upon hours usage, range of size and which facilities are used . On average if you see a complete range then one machine may require battery change from 5 days to 1 month to 3 weeks depending upon the type. 

Do hearing aids need service?

Another thing since it is an electronic device so it requires service as water or sweat may penetrate inside. Those patients who have a fit hearing aid and they feel good, it works like specs, like they need specs to see and aid to hear. Eventually, they adapt to it. After 2-3 weeks, patients need adaptation. So they also need to fine tune on a need base like home, office or outside which may require 2-3 siting or weeks. 

To know more, watch the full video. 

Thank you very much.

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