Removal of Foreign Body | बच्चों की नाक में कुछ फंस जाए तो क्या करे?

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Dr. Raman Abrol
ENT Specialist / Otorhinolaryngology

Removal of Foreign Body | How does ENT remove object from nose? | Is nasal foreign body emergency? | What is foreign body in nose?

Removal of foreign body, In the previous video, SimpliHealth expert, Dr. Raman Abrol discussed foreign objects in the nose of children and their symptoms. In this video, He will be discussing Foreign Body Nose Removal procedure. 

  • What can we do for these critical bodies? 
  • How can we manage this condition?
  • What do we do when our children present such symptoms?

How to remove the foreign object out of the child’s nose? 

If these foreign bodies are in the nose for extended periods, pulling them out at home can be very dangerous. First, we don’t have proper instruments at home, and second, we are unaware of the technique.

What are the risks involved? 

If we attempt to pull this foreign object out, there is a possibility that the foreign object may move further back towards the nose and reach the children’s throat. And if it goes to the throat, the most dangerous condition is when it gets to the airway pipe. Then this condition can be hazardous. 

What will the expert do?

We shouldn’t manage this condition in children at home. You must consult your doctor immediately if you are suspicious or suspect any foreign body in the nose by torch. Because this is an emergency, it is very important to extract this foreign object out in an emergency. If the foreign thing is not visible, the doctor may ask for an X-Ray. 

We can easily visualize any metal or silver foil balls or foreign bodies in X-Ray. But the most critical thing is to find the foreign object by endoscopic procedures. If we cannot find a foreign object, but the child shows pus, nose blockage, or bleeding symptoms, there is a very high possibility of a foreign object. Then under these circum stances, we may have to search for it through endoscopic procedures.

What is the procedure?

There are various ways to remove the foreign body; if it is very fresh, like a foreign object that is one day old or has only been inside for a few hours, then the nose doesn’t change. The consulted doctor may remove this object using the required instruments in the OPD. 

We must tie up the child and keep him still since we don’t operate on them. We may insert a small metal hook and extract the foreign body without morbidity and difficulty.After this, the child may go home immediately. 

How to rule out chances of infection? 

However, if the foreign body is old, it might get stuck inside the nose. There might be an infection in nearby areas of the foreign body; some tissue may outgrow near the foreign body. Due to this, the foreign body is stuck inside and doesn’t come out quickly. In these cases, we must remove the foreign body following proper procedures under anesthesia. 

Wash nose thoroughly | Removal of Foreign Body 

We must wash the nose thoroughly, and sometimes, we may require nose packing. And if not nose packing, we may insert a jelly or any ointment in the nose, and the child may go home. The child may have to undergo treatment after removing such a foreign body. 

Saline drops 

Treatment measures include saline drops, washing, and saline sprays, and there is healing in the child’s condition. The most dangerous foreign object is small button cells. The usage of these cells is very common these days. 

Children find these small cells very interesting and put them into their noses. Since this foreign body is alkaline, it has a chemical that may sip out from cells slowly. These chemicals cause damage to the nose, and if the button cell is lying in the nose for 10-15 days, then the bone in the nose melts, and there is the deterioration of mass inside the nose, which might lead to severe problems. 

Immediate attention | Removal of Foreign Body 

These children who have button cells as foreign bodies require immediate attention. We need to remove the foreign body under anesthesia immediately, and they require hospitalization to analyze and quantify the damage and how we can manage it. 

These foreign bodies can be hazardous; hence we shouldn’t attempt their removal at home. We must seek a doctor to remove this foreign body and prevent its recurrence; parents need to counsel their children or be a little strict with them over this issue so that we can avoid this dangerous problem. 

If you are listening to this video and in Chandigarh, you must visit our clinic, which is well equipped to handle these situations. We will welcome you. Thank you very much.

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