Expert advice on dental care for baby. Learn from dental experts how to clean a baby’s gums.

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Expert advice on dental care for baby. Learn from dental experts how to clean a baby’s gums.

In this video, Dr. Bimadeep Singh, Simplihealth expert and Senior consultant dental at Apollo Clinics, Chandigarh, explains, Dental care for baby or teeth, and how to take care of them through this video. First of all, let’s talk about the oral health of a mother or pregnant woman; 

Dental health and oral hygiene in pregnant women 

When a woman is pregnant there is an upheaval of hormones in their bodies; some hormones increase, and some decrease. Due to this, changes occur in the whole body, and changes occur in the mouth as well. And these changes keep taking place till the child is born. And the most hormonal imbalance is seen when women are in the third trimester, which we say is from 6 to 9 months, and at this time, we see that women come to us with pain in the teeth, bleeding gums when they brush. 

They also complain that their teeth are shaking. All these changes are the aftereffect of hormonal changes occurring inside your body. 

At the same time, bacteria in the mouth become more active at this time because the food also has some specificity. They eat sour or consume more sweets. And eat all the time, and they cannot do the cleaning of their teeth properly. So that’s why I will talk to you today, especially about pregnant women walking in the 6th to 9th month of the month. He should take proper care of his teeth and gums. 

What to do? or How to clean your baby’s gums

Try your best to clean them thoroughly. And after brushing, try to clean your mouth by adding salt to hot water. Rinsing the mouth with salt water help in cleaning the food which might stick to your teeth. Your teeth will be excellent after the baby is born. If you clean your gums with dental floss, it will benefit you a lot and not spoil your teeth. You won’t even have blood in your gums. And by brushing correctly and brushing on time, the health of your mouth will be excellent. Teeth and gums will be healthy.

Oral hygiene instructions for newborn babies 

Now let’s talk about the newborn baby. When the baby is very young, it is a few months old; he takes most of his mother’s milk. And his mouth keeps moving all the time. But this is a time when there is the formation of new tissues in the brain; then it has to be established that when he eats something after that something cleans his mouth from the inside.; this thing is very dependent on the mother. And let me tell you a very light and straightforward way to do it. 

What to use to clean the baby’s gums? 

Take a muslin cloth, take 3 to 4 long pieces, boil it and after feeding the children, wrap the muslin cloth on the finger and use the muslin cloth on the child’s gums. By doing the cleaning, the child will never forget that after eating anything, there is something that goes into my mouth and cleans my gums. And this habit of his becomes such that later you can turn it into brushing. If you have to brush three times a day, the child automatically understands. That’s something to do for your teeth. So you have to take great care of this thing. First, the newborn baby has gums on which teeth have not grown yet, has to be cleaned., And when its teeth start coming on the fourth month or six months, then you can clean it with a muslin cloth, especially at night time., when he sleeps after drinking mother’s milk. 

Changes to improve your baby’s oral health

Second, I will say that parents nowadays use a feeding bottle with a nipple in front, which is just a silicone nipple. I would encourage you to bottle feed your babies, not with a nipple, but with a sipper, so the milk doesn’t collect and go inside. If there is milk standing in the mouth of the child, then it will be that it will remain around the teeth. You will not be able to clean the baby’s teeth properly at night, and there will be cavity formation in the teeth. 

Avoid sweet to keep away dental cavity 

We have many children who have six missing front teeth. He says that it was fine at first, but it was over since it started giving bottle feed. The gap in teeth means nothing, but you have to change your technique. We also have the habit of sweets. And if we do not give them the habit of sweet and keep cleaning their teeth of the newborn baby and two and a half to 3 years till the child’s teeth are not coming, they will have no dental problems and have shining teeth., So there are some things that you can follow and take care of yourself and your young children.

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