Labor Pains Symptoms | Delivery Pain Symptoms | When to go to the Hospital?

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Dr. Heena Chawla

Labor Pains Symptoms and its signs. When to go to the hospital? (हिंदी में जानकारी)

Labor Pains Symptoms, In this video SimpliHealth expert Gynecologist Dr. Heena Chawla is talking about labor pains, signs of labor pain and she is also answering questions like:

  • How are the labor pains? 
  • What is the right time to visit the doctor? 
  • When should I get ready for hospital admission? 

This video is dedicated to the patients who live in nuclear families and don’t have an elder to explain these things to them. Often, patients ask a general question in OPD: when is the right time for the hospital admission?

What are labor pains? When you feel the right labor pain?

Labor Pains Symptoms, You should rush to the hospital. We often think of minor aches during the last month of pregnancy. We call these regular Braxton Hick contractions. People often confuse false pain with labor pain. But when we have labor pains, we have to understand that it hurts very badly. During labor pains, minor aches occur frequently and with increased intensity. Like earlier, the pain was coming every 10 minutes, which lasted for 10-15 seconds, but during labor pain, this pain gradually intensified; as if earlier it was coming every 10 to 15 minutes, now they are coming every 5 minutes. They will start coming in minutes, and the duration of pain increases from 10 to 20 seconds to  20 to 30 seconds. They will start coming more quickly. 

Like we say that every 5 minutes, you will begin to have pain. And at the same time, their duration becomes worse, with pain lasting for 30 to 40 seconds. And these pains do not go away from doing anything. In this, the woman cannot do her daily work, and changing any position does not help ease the pain. Instead, their duration and intensity increase, then we should understand that this is actual true labor pain. And at this time, we need to rush to the hospital for admission. 

The second thing is that whenever we talk about delivery, I always explain the following  four things to my patients, 

  1. You will start feeling labor pain.
  2. You may burst your water bag or leak water (your water would break).
  3. The third thing is a decrease in fetal movement or reduced baby activity.
  4. And the last thing is bleeding. 

If you see any of these symptoms, you must contact your doctor. 

When should you go to the hospital? 

Now we have discussed labor pains and what is the right time for the hospital admission. 90-95% of the patients have labor pain before delivery. However, in only 5 to 10 cases, the leakage of water commonly called a burst of water, occurs, followed by labor pains. Patients often get confused when there is too much leaking. Whenever there is a leak or rupture in the bag, a transparent liquid like urine oozes out. But even in the last month of pregnancy, patients may have the condition of frequent urination.

Also, the baby puts pressure on the bladder, causing a slight leakage of urine. So patients get confused to a great extent, whether it is urine or leakage of the sac. See, there will be a kind of smell in the urine, and its quantity will also be less, and if you go to the washroom, it will reduce the leakage. But, when the bag bursts, we get so much flow that the clothes get wet. And it goes on continuously, and it doesn’t stop even after urinating.

The third thing is what we call, decrease in the baby’s activity in the last three months of pregnancy. The doctor recommends keeping track of fetal movements especially in the last two months. If the fetal movements are more than ten, they are entirely normal. But anytime you feel that the baby’s activity is decreasing, you should visit your gynecologist. 

Sometimes we think less movement, but everything seems fine when your doctor checks with an ultrasound. Sometimes the child must be in their sleep cycle, or the mother has not taken a proper diet. So these two things may lead to reduced fetal activity. But sometimes, it can also signify that the child is under stress. So sometimes the baby is facing some problem, or if the water around the baby has become less, this may also reduce fetal movement. Whenever something like this happens, you must immediately consult your gynecologist. 

The fourth thing is the occurrence of bleeding. During the last trimester of the pregnancy, the labor pain onsets, and the release of cervical mucus plug leads to a bloodstain. So because one doesn’t have proper bleeding, there is a little bit of blood stained discharge. If anything like this happens, then I would say that you go and meet your doctor immediately. We have understood our signs of having pain, leakage of water, lack of activity, or any bleeding. 

According to the doctor’s opinion, you should directly go to your doctor and prepare yourself for the hospital admission.

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