Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief and Treatment | Third Molar Teeth | अकल दाढ़ दर्द करे तो क्या करना चाहिए? | अकल दाढ़ कितनी उम्र में निकलती है? |

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Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief and Treatment | अक्ल दाढ़ का दर्द कब तक रहता है | अक्ल दाढ़ के लक्षण?

In this video, Dr. Jaspreet Batth at Dr. Batth’s Dental & Cosmetic practices discusses the causes of wisdom tooth pain and how to get pain relief. 

Wisdom molar eruption time varies from the age of 20, and it may keep trying to erupt until 25. Wisdom tooth molars can cause intense, unbearable pain and discomfort, ranging from pain radiating to the head or neck area. It may reach to ear and can also bother the adjacent teeth. Considering these molar teeth to keep inside the mouth under these circumstances is impossible. Therefore, it is necessary to remove it for pain relief and especially if it is causing problems with adjacent teeth or insufficient space to erupt properly. If it partially erupts, and there is not enough space available, it would cause discomfort to the patient by either pushing the adjacent teeth or bone. 

Sometimes the space for the molar tooth is present, but the tooth itself is not current, and vice versa. The most likely explanation for this condition is the tooth is lying buried and pushing the roots of the neighbouring tooth. By pushing the bone, pain radiates to the adjacent tooth. This pain is unbearable to the patient. So all this pain becomes intolerable to the patient. Therefore, it is mandatory to remove pain-causing wisdom molar teeth permanently.

Wisdom tooth removal

The dentist gives a small incision to the gums, reflecting the gums to expose the molar. When the tooth is visible, doctors divide it into two halves and remove them separately. By doing this, the patient faces the least amount of discomfort and trauma, increasing the success rate of this surgery. Once the doctors get rid of that molar, the wound begins to heal. Next, a dentist surgeon gives stitches or sutures to the injury for better and proper healing. This process hastens the recovery. 

In a few days, the gums will completely heal and appear normal. This wisdom tooth removal relieves the patient from all types of discomfort, exposing a threat at all times. The earlier is better than waiting for the wisdom molar to cause excruciating pain to the patient if the problem has been identified or acknowledged. It is better to get rid of the wisdom tooth earlier rather than wait for the wisdom to bother the patient with unbearable pain. That is how we relieve the pain and comfort the patient by removing the offending wisdom molar.

To know more, watch the full video and visit SimpliHealth for more information.

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