Dental caries: Tips to prevent dental caries and maintain your oral health.

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Dental caries: Tips to prevent dental caries and maintain your oral health.

In this video, Dr. Bimadeep Singh, Simplihealth expert and Senior consultant dental at Apollo Clinics, Chandigarh, explains dental caries and teaches how to prevent dental caries. 

He is MDS in pediatric dentistry specializing in children’s dentistry; in addition, he specializes in cosmetic dentistry, in which he designs or enhances smiles. 

He talks about a fundamental and common topic: Dental caries. How can we prevent it?

Often you must have seen that people have pain in their teeth. The common symptoms of toothache are either it will hurt in one specific location, or it will go up to the forehead. The pain often gets worse when you lie down, and it goes straight to the forehead, hindering sleep. 

  • What is the cure for these symptoms? 
  • How can we prevent Dental caries?  

Dental caries occur because of the accumulation of bacteria in which if you don’t clean your teeth or you have too much stress on sweets, or their consumption is too much. So it gets deposited in the tooth on which bacteria adhere since the teeth’s structure is of calcium, bacteria keep eating calcium slowly until one day the teeth break, resulting in a hole or cavity.

Tips To Prevent Dental Caries

So to prevent this, you must keep in mind a few things. We divide this into three types: first is primary prevention, which one must take care of prior to the infection so that you don’t have to live with this for your entire life. 

First, you must brush your teeth thrice, often people say twice. He recommends three times because we consume three major meals daily. And also, the method or brushing should be like one must brush after eating; like we brush in the morning but after having breakfast when we go to work or kids go to school, the food adheres to teeth all day long. So Dr. Bimal advises changing your brushing habit a little. Brush your teeth after eating. Even if you moisten the brush just to scrape off the food particles. According to him, You must brush after lunch, and the last thing at night to brush after dinner is essential. The brushing should be done for at least 3 -5 minutes. 

What Is Dental Flossing? 

Dr. Bimal introduces one more thing called dental floss. Which is nothing but a wax thread. Because you can brush your teeth upside down, how will you brush between the spaces of teeth as the bristles of the brush don’t reach there, so we use the thread of dental floss to clean it?  The second thing is diet, what type of food we intake is very important and What kind of food we consume, and at what time is also important. These are two-three things that you have to pay a lot of attention to. 

How are sweets bad for your teeth? 

Every dentist you will see will advise you to take fewer sweets or avoid them altogether. Dr. Bimal suggests having sweets intelligently. If you want to eat sweets, then eat before your main meal. If you’re going to go to any function, they have a sweet dish first, not last. Because later, when you have bread/roti, it goes down with it. The second thing is these days; all these snacks are available in packets; we have drinks or soft drinks, avoid them as much as possible. 

And if you want to have it, then have homemade fries or our basic old meals like samosa, pakode, or something like this so it won’t affect the teeth adversely. After that, I will tell you that you must gargle. And last but not least, there are certain chemicals that strengthen the other layer of the tooth. Like we use toothpaste these days. Patients often ask what to use for a toothache.

Which toothpaste to use? 

You visit the market, and you will see different types of toothpaste. There is no specific brand, but if you take any toothpaste with a high fluoride concentration, it makes your teeth stronger and strengthens the layer of the tooth. And at the same time gives protection from bacteria attacking the teeth.

Also, if you do mouthwash with fluoride content at a time, it adds to the effect. So few things have to be taken care of because dental carriers are such diseases that go very silently. But once there is a pain in a tooth, those who endure it only know the importance of their teeth. Dr. Bimal says that teeth are the first thing to carry food inside the body; they help enhance beauty and help in chewing the food.

And only after chewing does it go to the stomach. So if the same is not healthy, then with this ill-mannerism, you will take undigested food inside, causing stomach problems. This is because the primary digestion of food starts from the mouth itself. So keep them well and make them healthy to lead a good quality of life. So dental health is most important.

Bottom line 

In the end, He gave this message to you all that you must give utmost importance to dental health since teeth are also a very important part of the human body. Loss of single teeth may bring lots of mouth-related infections. He wished good dental health and a beautiful smile to all.

Thank you very much.  

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