Diabetic Diet Plan | डायबिटीज में क्या खाएं और क्या ना खाएं? | मधुमेह आहार | शुगर पेशेंट की डाइट क्या होनी चाहिए? | What is the Best Diet for a Diabetic Person?

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Dr. Rishi Mangat
General Physicians

Diabetic Diet Plan | What should diabetics avoid eating? | What meals can diabetics eat freely?

In this video SimpliHealth expert General Physician Dr. Rishi Mangat is talking about Diabetic Diet Plan or डायबिटीज में क्या खाएं और क्या ना खाएं?

Diabetic Diet Plan, Diet plays a vital role in diabetes. Sugar patients need to balance their diet correctly. Usually, doctors recommend that around 45% of meals should be carbs. Which means around one should consume 135 to 185 grams in a day. If we want to understand this more quickly and practically, we need to keep a few things in mind like our lifestyle, how much activity we do, our weight, our age, and our sugar levels. We need to see which food items suit us and our eating system, what are the timings of having food, and what is the eating pattern in diabetes. 

In addition to diabetes, it is essential to know when the intake of medicines, whether we are on insulin or not. These things are necessary to make a final diet plan.

How would they know if the amount of carbs they are eating is right or not?

The simple solution for this fixes your carbs according to your estimate and performs the fasting sugar and sugar test after two hours of the meal. If the sugar after 2 hours is in the normal range, it is less than 140, so that means the number of carbs you are taking in the diet is ideal for your body. What I mean by carbs. Mainly the sugars, simple sugars that we get directly from grains like maida and wheat are natural, simple sugars. So it is essential to understand how simple sugars and complex sugars affect the body.

The simple sugars absorb very fast in the blood sugar and shoot up the blood level, whereas the complex sugars take time to break down and slowly come into the blood. So one benefits from taking complex sugars because it doesn’t cause a sudden rise in sugar hence no sugar-related drawbacks. The second thing I want to point out is that they need to have a mixed plate in which carbs and other items should also be there.. So basically, if we take 40 to 45% of carbs, then 30% must be proteins, and 20% should be fat.

Many people have doubts that fats should be present in diet or not. | Diabetic Diet Plan

The presence of fats is significant in our diet as it plays a very vital role in vitamin and minerals absorption. The diet should be balanced. Apart from this, a fundamental question is what are simple carbs. Simple carbs like Maida, pasta, white rice, simple plain sugar or chocolate, sugar in the soft drinks are all simple sugars.One should avoid them. If we come in the direction of complex food, the complex food is grain, whole wheat, oats, Quinoa, vegetables, and fruits. All these come under the category of complex food. The sugar present in fruits is fructose sugar. Fructose doesn’t get absorbed as fast as other simple sugars. Though fructose is also one of the simple sugars, Its benefit is that it absorbs slowly and is a healthy sugar. These are the fruits that we should go towards Initially when the diet pyramid comes. 

What was in that diet pyramid? | Diabetic Diet Plan

The carbohydrates were placed at the base. They should make the maximum component. Meaning the most significant part of our food should comprise of bread, roti, or rice. But with the new study coming and according to our lifestyle changes that have become necessary. So, according to this, now we need to invert the pyramid. Meaning we need to keep proteins, fruits, and fiber-rich food high and have fewer carbs. These are some critical parts that we need to look into in our diet. When we talk about diabetic diet, especially those who are on insulin and that we need to be very careful, our diet has to be related to the food. Because insulin doctors give both short-acting and long-acting types of insulin, and missing a meal is not something that we advise any patient. Because that can lead to adverse effects, one sugar may fall suddenly, and some may have other problems. 

So in those patients, a good and balanced diet is essential so that the excellent effect of the medicine is seen. Also, insulin leads to a slight gain in weight, so to counter that, the diet should be like that again, and irrespective of intake of carbs, weight gain should not be there. I would like to conclude by emphasising that our diet should have at least 40 to 45% carbs, 30% proteins, and 20% fats. Have a healthy life .

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