Uterus Removal Surgery | गर्भाशय हटाने की सर्जरी | कारण और यह क्यों जरूरी है ?

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Dr. Heena Chawla

Uterus Removal Surgery (गर्भाशय हटाने की सर्जरी) reasons & Why it’s necessary

Uterus removal surgery, In this video SimpliHealth expert Gynecologist Dr. Heena Chawla is talking about Uterus Removal Surgery reasons and also she is answering some common questions that people usually ask like:

  • Is it necessary to remove the uterus? 
  • What is the possible reason for uterus removal? 
  • How will I know when I need an operation and when not? 

Uterus removal means removal of the uterus by surgery. Hysterectomy has become a general surgery and is the second most common surgery after the cesarian. 

What conditions do we need to remove the uterus? 

Uterus removal surgery is our last resort. When we are not benefiting from medicine or any other procedure, I would say that we give this surgery of uterus removal option to the patient. Patients often come to OPD and complain that they have been discharging very fluently, so please remove the uterus or have children; our family is complete, so remove the uterus so that we don’t face any further problems. We don’t think the same about the rest of our body parts, their lungs. 

  • Do we remove them, or we have intestines? 
  • Shall we remove them too? 
  • So why do we think the same about the uterus? 

CANCER | Uterus Removal Surgery

The first reason is cancer. If you have uterus cancer, cervix cancer, or cancer in ovaries or fallopian tubes, there is seriously a need to remove the uterus. It is an extensive surgery and takes time because we need to do it in detail. 


Apart from this, the following most common reason for uterus removal is fibroids.  We need to understand this thing about fibroids. Some fibroids are very small in size l, and they are not cause any problem, so we don’t need to remove the uterus in these cases. However, sometimes these fibroids increase in size and may reach up to 15-16cms, or they may grow up to 8-10 cm in size. So in the case of a large fibroid, we need to remove the uterus. Though fibroids are often small, the patients are bleeding a lot. They visit us frequently with 2-3gm of hemoglobin, and even after giving medicine and hormone-related medicine. If their symptoms are not improving; there is a frequent drop in hemoglobin.Under these cases, the doctor advises surgeries. So that after surgery, you can remove the uterus. 


There is another prevalent condition which is called adenomyosis. In this, as the period comes, the bleeding is getting collected somewhere in the muscle layer of the uterus. In everyday language, we say this to the patient: there is swelling in the uterus. Since the bleeding doesn’t find any outlet increasing the size of the uterus, periods start coming early from the times there is heavy bleeding. And one may feel a lot of pain during the duration of periods as much as they can’t do their household routine work. So when there is a condition like this, when we have tried medicines and hormone coated copper-T, but still the patients feels no relief, then we advise uterus removal or hysterectomy to the patient.


Another common condition is endometriosis, where the innermost layer of the uterus, the endometrium, starts growing in different parts of the stomach. So when these lining is growing, they stick to each other, causing pain. We have good medicine, but few patients don’t react to it. So we advise them for surgery. Finally, there is a need for uterus removal under a 3rd degree UV prolapse, in which the uterus slides down. 

3 RD DEGREE UV PROLAPSE  | Uterus Removal Surgery

There is another condition where the innermost layer of the uterus, is endometrium, gets thick, called endometrial hyperplasia. In cases where the condition is going towards a pre-cancer stage, they also need to remove the uterus surgically. Suppose there is some change taking it to the precancerous stage called atypia. In this case, the doctor chooses to remove the uterus or follow any hormonal treatment how do you want to stratify the risk. So in these cases also, we advise uterus removal. Usually, in minor conditions like endometrial polyps, if we have any discharge or there is some infection of the cervix, in these cases, we don’t advise removing the uterus.  And even if we have to remove it, there are all types of treatment available, even for cancer. We operate with a telescope  in which patients recover faster and are better cosmetically.

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