Asthma Attacks Treatment & Symptoms | अस्थमा अटैक उपचार व लक्षण | What to Do If You’re Having an Asthma Attack?

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Dr. Preeti Sharma

Asthma Attacks Treatment & Symptoms | अस्थमा की शुरुआत कैसे होती है?

Asthma attacks treatment & symptoms In this video SimpliHealth expert, Dr. Preeti Sharma is talking about Asthma Attacks and What to Do If You’re Having an Asthma Attack? Also she answered some very common questions like:

  • What are the causes of an asthma attack? 
  • How can they be saved? 
  • What are the things to keep in mind when you have asthma? 
  • What is good for their health and what is bad? 
  • What can we do to prevent it?.

What is asthma?

Asthma is a lung disease in which the lungs become swollen, or the inner tubes swell. When these attacks are triggered or precipitated, there are many trigger factors, e.g., some people are allergic to dust, pollen, house dust mites trigger this attack, or if the weather is too cold these days, it can trigger an asthma attack. It can be caused by factory smoke, air pollution, or fumes. 

The smoke that blows intensifies attacks; moreover, if some people have upper respiratory tract infections, some people have a common cold. This also may trigger asthma attacks. Those people have a particular type of allergies, so if they have a cold, the coughing takes longer to heal. This is because there is an internal allergy, maybe in the shape of asthma. 

Therefore, the patient with asthma should take care of all these things: 

Our experts especially say to 

  • Those asthma patients who do not go for a walk-in cold and fog. 
  • Wear a mask whenever you step out of the house so that the dust or pollution particles can be avoided, reducing the chances of having an asthma attack. 
  • Experts should recognize these attacks. Patients need to recognize them. 

They know that they may be allergic to a certain food if they eat it. There are also some foods that we can be allergic to. That’s why they have to take great care of these things so that this attack does not become aggressive, and one may need to be hospitalized due to these attacks, and this attack sometimes takes hazardous form. 

Asthma Diet Plan | Asthma Attacks Treatment

Apart from this, they should also take care of their dietary habits, what they can do to prevent them, and first recognize these attacks and avoid them. The second is to improve your diet. For example, have a balanced diet and watch your carbohydrate, fat, and protein intake. It is essential to have a balanced diet

Apart from this, food rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E like Amla juice, orange juice, berries should be kept in their diet, which gives them immunity. 

In addition, we also have to improve our multivitamin and vitamin D, which builds your immunity and gives you relief in asthma complaints; you are less likely to have attacks. 

Home remedies for asthma

Therefore, asthma patients have to take special care of all these things because we can stop them but can’t cure them completely. There are other things in home remedies like yoga breathing exercises that should be done. Patients should also do abdominal exercises while breathing through their nose in the morning, which should be done for at least 30 minutes. Due to this, your immunity increases, and you can fight against the disease of asthma. 

So it is most important to improve your diet, do yoga, breathing exercises, and recognize your symptoms. Along with this, doctors recommend that you carry a peak flow meter with you. This gives you an idea of ​​the volume of your lungs. We study the reading in the morning and evening. By looking at the variations, we get to know how much asthma is controlled, so we give all this knowledge to the patient when they go to the doctor, so the doctor wants all the asthma patients to know about their symptoms,  identify these triggers to prevent attacks, and follow these dietary habits so that you do not suffer further and your asthma remains under control. 

Thank you.

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