IVF Treatment Process | What is IVF? | Test tube baby process | ICSI |आईवीएफ करने में कितना समय लगता है? | टेस्ट ट्यूब बेबी में कितना समय लगता है?

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Dr. Preeti Jindal

IVF Treatment Process | What is IVF? | Test tube baby process | आईवीएफ ट्रीटमेंट कैसे करते हैं? | ICSI प्रक्रिया क्या है?

IVF Treatment Process, In this video, Dr. Preeti Jindal, Senior Consultant, and Gynaecologist, Director at Touch Clinic, an advanced IVF, cosmetic, and High-risk Pregnancy Gynae Center at Mohali, is talking about IVF treatment and test-tube baby procedure in a very simple way.

What is IVF or test-tube baby?

In this, we use injection to produce eggs in a lady’s ovary. We aim to produce 10-15 eggs, and when these eggs retain their proper size, i.e 17-20 mm, we remove the eggs vaginally from the female’s body under sedation. Later we fertilize the eggs with the partner sperm, and we incubate them outside in the incubator. After day 3 or 5, there is embryo formation. Then, we transfer 1 or 2 embryos into the female body and freeze the remaining embryo for later use after seeking permission. This whole process is called IVF or test tube baby. 

IVF is of many types. The simplest among them is that we place the eggs and sperm of the partner in the same dish and allow them to fertilize naturally. 

Next step of IVF treatment 

The following advanced technique is ICSI which is also the next step of IVF. It is rather an advanced form of IVF. In this, with the aid of a special microscope, we fuse the sperms with eggs. By this method, we can magnify the sperm up to 200-300 times, and it helps in picking the right sperm and egg. We fertilize them. Its success rate is more than usual IVF by 10-15%. Another advanced technique is IMSI. It is mainly for those people who have abnormal or low sperm count. In this method, we can magnify the sperm up to 6000 times and use the best sperm for fertilization with the egg. 

The following advanced technique Is PGS or Preimplantation Genetic Screening. We perform the embryo’s biopsy by laser, and we do special screening on one cell to determine any abnormality. We choose genetically normal embryos only. Another important and helpful thing in IVF is ERA or Endometrial Receptivity Analysis. It tells the right time to transfer the embryo inside the uterus by analyzing the inner lining of the uterus. We have seen that the uterus lining is open only for 12 hours to receive the embryo, and it varies differently in every female. With the help of ERA and PGS, we can increase the success rate of IVF by 15-20%. 

Other things help improve the success rate of IVF, like Platelet-rich Plasma or PRP therapy. We can use PRP therapy in cases where the uterus has a faulty lining, or the lining formation is incorrect. Alternative therapies have also been found to be helpful, like acupuncture, Acupressure, or massage therapies. There are a few medicines like vitamin D and antioxidants which can improve the success rate of IVF.

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