6 Month of Pregnancy | Baby Development Stages | Symptoms | गर्भावस्था के 6 महीने बच्चे का विकास

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Dr. Heena Chawla

6 Month of Pregnancy |गर्भावस्था के 6 महीने

6 Month of Pregnancy, In this video SimpliHealth expert gynaecologist Dr. Heena Chawla is talking about Baby development during 6 month of pregnancy. Also she is answering some very common questions that people ask like:

  • What kind of blood test should you take during the first six months of pregnancy?
  • 6th Month Of Pregnancy Diet 
  • What are the changes a mother undergoes during this time?

What things should you take care of and what kind of blood test should you take during the first six months of pregnancy? |6 Month of Pregnancy

First of all, let’s talk about baby development. During the six months of pregnancy, the baby’s weight varies between 700 to 900 grams. If you have seen it carefully in the scan done in the 5th month, i.e., the anomaly scan/level 2 Ultrasound, the baby’s weight is recorded as either 300 or 500 grams, not more than that. But at this time, the baby’s weight starts increasing. The baby’s size at this time is approximately 7 to 12 inches. Apart from this, 

See, at this period, the baby’s skin is reddish. There is no development of melanin pigment in the baby. So by next month, the baby will reflect our skin texture because such cells develop inside the baby, reflecting our skin texture. Uptill now the baby’s skin would be reddish in color. Apart from this, at this time, the baby’s lungs are fully grown, but yes, they are not mature. The maturity of the lungs, which means that the baby can inhale on its own after coming out, happens after approximately 34 weeks. But at this time, the lungs are fully grown to their size. One more crucial development that occurs during this period in babies is the baby’s eyes, which means there is a development of eyebrows and eyelashes. There is the initiation of baby’s eye movements; even beneath closed eyelids, some babies may start slowly opening their eyes. 

Even babies can open their eyes by this time. Another significant development in the baby is the development of easily visible fingerprints. You can make a baby listen to any kind of music. The baby’s ability to understand the external sound has come by this time. To this, experts talked about what developments happen inside the baby.

What are the changes that the mother feels during this time?|6 Month of Pregnancy

First, nausea and vomiting would have settled to a great extent by this time. It is very natural when nausea and vomiting stop, they start feeling hungry. So the hunger levels increase to an extent. Apart from that, a baby bump is visible. If your baby bump is not visible until now, it will undoubtedly show by this time. Up to Umbilicus, if you lay your hands on the abdomen, you can see the baby bump till the umbilical cord.  Swollen feet or pedal edema is common in patients. 

Some may have difficulty breathing because as the uterus gets bigger, it compresses the diaphragm in the stomach. So shortness of breath is very common among females during this time. A very common thing which one feels till six months is that leg cramps start happening very frequently. Because as the baby grows and the mother is also gaining weight, the feeling like cramps starts coming due to the weight factor. There is an increase in the frequency of urination. As the uterus grows in size, it compresses the urinary bladder. One may tend to pass urine all the time. So these are some changes that start reflecting in a mother by this time. Sometimes your belly button starts coming outwards. so all these changes are normal during pregnancy. Now our experts will talk about 

What tests should you do for six months? 

There are two significant tests one must undergo by this time. First is the CBC test, in which experts determine the concentration of hemoglobin which is very important, and the second test is the glucose intolerance test. Experts take fasting samples in the morning; you are given glucose after that. Then after 1 hour and two hours, a blood sample is retaken. So in this, we see that the mother is not showing any symptoms of pregnancy-induced diabetes. So for this, it is essential to get a GTT test. So these two are very important to test during this time. A very important thing that everyone asks us 

What you should change is the diet?

You must include plenty of fluids in the diet; you can take anything, whether you consume water or coconut water, juice or lassi. There are many benefits from this. You do not contract urinary tract infections, do not get constipated, and most importantly, the water around the baby remains maintained. So that’s why you have to keep the fluid intake very good. And you must have green vegetables and fruits as they contain omega fatty acids and provide antioxidants that help in the baby’s growth. So these two very important changes you have to include in our diet in six months of pregnancy. Six months of pregnancy is the ideal time to travel either to your maternal house or meaningful work. 

You can easily travel and be back. You can plan your baby shower during this time of pregnancy. You should start thinking about our doctor and hospital; because many times it happens that the pre-term pain will begin in the 7th month. So if you have already decided on the hospital or have finalised the doctor, then you will go ahead by planning so that you won’t need an emergency or panic in the end. So enjoy your pregnancy, and if you have any further questions, do post in the comment box. Thank you

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